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    Welcome to the forum, if you are a visitor you need to start your savings account today. This is how it works 1st you sign up on the forum, 2nd you introduce yourself/ Tell us a little about yourself and if inclined tell us how we can help you. That's it. Now to the account. Every time you pass a police unit and wonder was I just targeted was I speeding can soon be answered because you now have an account that will help pay for that answer so add to account. Every time you see those blue lights behind you or with someone on the side of the road, add some more, soon you will have not only the money to purchase your first good detector, jammers, and veil you will also have the help from experts to determine what setup is best for you. What interest does it pay? Huge dividends!! With your new account and equipment you get to see the amortization and appreciation. The original cost of purchase decreases as the value of your equipment is appreciated every time you have a "save". Using this accounting practice will make you rich with friends, knowledge, and monies saved from the roaming collectors. So Why Wait! Start your "Saving Account" today.

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    What a great concept BrownOut, thank you for sharing this....
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