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    Default RadarBusters now offering BacTrack Breathalyzers & Alcohol Detectors

    Hello All!

    Radar Busters is pleased to announce that we have become an authorized dealer of BACTrack Breathalyzers.

    BACTrack breathalyzers provide police-grade results and are regarded as some of the best manufactured and most reliable in the market. The fact that they are reasonably priced is a really nice bonus.

    To learn more about these portable breathalyzers, you can visit us at:

    BACTrack Breathalyzers at RadarBusters

    If there is enough interest, we can create a sub-forum on these cool devices.

    RadarBusters will be adding more product lines in the coming months.

    Stay tuned!
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    Drive safe, drive smart, but most importantly drive protected!

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    Default Re: RadarBusters now offering BacTrack Breathalyzers & Alcohol Detectors

    Sounds Great!



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