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  1. Mounting Jammer heads more than 70 cm apart bad???
  2. Northeast Jammer Test Results - June '09
  3. Jammer Testing
  4. Which set up woul du pick
  5. Infiniti Jammer
  6. First jam tonight...
  7. Help me identify this jammer
  8. Things are falling apart!
  9. LI HP's Installed
  10. On front license plate
  11. JTG a LEO then get shot in the back?
  12. Laser Alarms for Jammer and STi
  13. Infiniti FX-35 + Laser Jammer. Which one?
  14. Meet me in Arizona Tucson ;-)
  15. How to test newly installed Blinder...
  16. Were can I rent, borrow or steal a laser gun?
  17. What jammer can catch 800nm laser?
  18. HID lights and lidar guns
  19. LI or Blinder?
  20. NJ Laser Shootout July 12 RESULTS
  21. Lidar gun software getting better?
  22. Kmph lpp update
  23. Feedback on LI Install
  24. Best Laser for Lexus GS 350?
  25. infinity FX 37 and LPP and V1
  26. Blinder or Escort
  27. checking to see if jammers are firing
  28. Newbie in need of help
  29. newbie questions
  30. LED license plate bolt mod??
  31. Whould a jammer helped me in this situation?
  32. Testing a setup in Calgary, AB?
  33. LPP Laser Jammer Head Interface
  34. Laser detection at nighttime
  35. Proper use of an illegal Laser Jammer
  36. Anyone been caught with a Jammer
  37. ? about Overpass Laser Shots
  38. Ultimate Stealth Laser Jammer (3 section design)
  39. Laser Pro Park
  40. RMR "Laser-Stik" Laser Jammer????
  41. I just bought a Pro laser I for $600- did i get a deal?
  42. What a save!
  43. ? about running 2 Laser Jamming systems
  44. What should I get for my car?
  45. Bad news in Gwinnett GA
  46. Lidar myth a reality
  47. Can anyone identify this Laser gun?
  48. Weather tolerance of Laser Jammers
  49. The first jammers?
  50. Georgia drivers beware!!!
  51. Jammer Testing - NY
  52. LPP jamming deterioration
  53. Bad News! Laser Jammer DETECTOR!!
  54. Hardest gun to jam
  55. Need jammer installation recommendations
  56. im dreaming of a lazer jammer for my bike
  57. Is it ever okay to admit to jamming?
  58. Anyone tried DIY laser jammer?
  59. Should i ditch my Blinder M45 for an LI system?
  60. Idea: Jammer auto-kill device
  61. LTI Truecam defeats laser jammers?
  62. Need help on selecting Laser system
  63. Hundreds of people out-brake laser in one night
  64. LPP recieving sensor
  65. ZR4 or Blinder M27
  66. Placement and decisions - 02 Audi A4
  67. Jammer for Impreza STI
  68. Laser jammer questions
  69. Laser - tag twice?
  70. Looking for an installer with test guns
  71. Colorado - Laser jammer illegal usage?
  72. HID & laser
  73. Am I getting old, slow or both?
  74. Which laser jammer for my car?
  75. Antilaser usa update/Infomation
  76. anti laser jamming
  77. Houston Laser Jammer Test - OCTOBER 24th & 31st
  78. Lidar Gun Rankings
  79. Bmw 328i LI vert. mt. or M27 lower grill?
  80. Loover License Plate Shield block laser?
  81. Laser Jammers in Minnesota
  82. Hidden Laser jammer heads
  83. LI Jam/Park Switch now available!
  84. Wrap around light protection
  85. Buffalo, NY Jammerfest ???
  86. Ready for new laser Jammer--Help
  87. Laser Jammers
  88. How much is a set of AntiLaser G8 worth?
  89. Oh no - looks like its time for jammers
  90. Anyone that can test my set up in Mass?
  91. LI mounting placement feedback
  92. Install a jammer on vehicle with front plate?
  93. i see too many misleading info
  94. where to find Laser Pro Park manual?
  95. Jammer Testing, Alberta?
  96. How About a West Coast Jammer Event?
  97. which jammer for protection
  98. I got JFGed yesterday...
  99. UK/Eire: where to place your heads
  100. AL G8 Extension
  101. Laser Jamming... Ideal location to mount heads on a Bike...? view attached images...
  102. Good jammer for 2007 dodge caliber
  103. lidatek LE-10
  104. Test volunteers wanted for Miami Laser jammer test
  105. Adding to current setup, any advice?
  106. IDEA: Jammer Auto-Kill Device
  107. Anyone that can test my blinders?
  108. Laser Pro Park User Manual
  109. Now THIS is Scary!
  110. Legality On Federal Property
  111. Euro TruSpeed Tests?
  112. Another idea: sliding mount
  113. Mid-Atlantic Jammer/Radar test - OCT 24/25
  114. lasermask for $50 worth it?
  115. VW Bug?
  116. Laser jammer for a Hyundai Elantra?
  117. Buying Lazer Jammer first time
  118. Anybody near Salem Oregon with laser gun?
  119. What should I go with? Audi 200tq Avant
  120. LI + V1 , Will it work ?
  121. Vancouver Canada - anyone with a Lazer Gun to test?
  122. Jammer emits dangerous infared light while car is off?
  123. TruCam
  124. Jammers on larger vehicles..
  125. Time for a jammer.
  126. How reflective are bug shields?
  127. Are we missing the boat in lidar detection?
  128. Blinder vs. Thermal Imaging camera
  129. Laser gun in Northern California?
  130. OK, so what is the difference between these units
  131. False laser alerts
  132. Just read funny post - BARF
  133. Would you wave to the officer after jamming them?
  134. Black Hole status - REVOKED
  135. Great LI customer service
  136. 2,22kHz Lidar
  137. Calling Michigan people..or anyone around
  138. What is this guys deal?
  139. Imagine this Laser Intercept Scenario
  140. If you could design your own laser tester...
  141. Blinder or LI?
  142. Disable Laser Detection on RD?
  143. What's the credibility of these jammer tests?
  144. A new name for Laser Jammers...
  145. laser jamming in tx?
  146. Importance of jammer heads being level
  147. Best Laser Jammer in L.A. California
  148. Rear jammer mounting?
  149. Running LIs and ZR4s at the same time
  150. This is gonna be tough...
  151. am i alowed to post??
  152. LAst Advice: Laser Star vs. Blinder 27
  153. houstons oct 24 pictures
  154. LI Switch
  155. Lexus Rx330
  156. Where would I mount my jammer heads to be stealthy?
  157. what do you do when jamming? slam on brakes?
  158. Home made laser heads?
  159. LI heads on old Porsche?
  160. For Ontario Members
  161. Jammer light emission
  162. Just Enough Counter-Measure?
  163. Wanting to test home built lidar jammer
  164. Laser jammers interfere?
  165. Laser encounter but didnt see the LEO?
  166. Laser Jammers and Off Road Lights
  167. Lubbock meeting
  168. Houston- 08 Mustang with a Newly Installed ZR3
  169. Laser Jammer questions, HELP ! !
  170. Laser Jamming in Ontario
  171. Test your radar detector or laser jammer with this traffic enforcement LIDAR gun simu
  172. Cheap DIY LIDAR tester
  173. Cheap DIY jammer additional sensors
  174. LPP sensors work but...
  175. Rocky Mountain Radar Jammers...
  176. Setting up a Test Site in Alberta??
  177. Need a gun in CT either today or tomorrow - $100
  178. Wicked Idea
  179. Public Apology
  180. - Any jammer installers in NYC? -
  181. Looking for Install in Florida
  182. Ladatek LE-30, any good
  183. upgrading software on a LIDAR gun
  184. Blinder or LI Laser jammer
  185. Ultralyte MDC...will your "stuff" show up?
  186. Smartphone / I-phone / Car PC laser jammers!.........
  187. Need someone with a Lidar gun in CA, other then LEO!
  188. Why JTG performance?
  189. Any new jammers coming out soon?
  190. Li or al9g
  191. LI Quad vs. Blinder M47
  192. Anyone been shoot from behind in CA yet?
  193. V1 use w/ Jammers
  194. Appropriate jammers for my vehicles
  195. Installer in Austin Texas Area
  196. Is one jammer in the back worth it?
  197. Some direction please
  198. Installation suggestions on Mercedes W126
  199. Laser Jammer Installation Locations
  200. LIDAR gun question?
  201. Looks like a possibility... 1 million CP IR spotlight
  202. Help me buy a laser jammer - Please
  203. Another Laser Jammer Suggestion thread
  204. Job Applicant Resume
  205. STI-R with LI or Escort 9500ci
  206. Jammer question - car swapping
  207. Has anyone made a home brew laser jammer?
  208. Mount LJ's Low. is this too low?
  209. College Station Texas laser laser testing January 5 & 6, 2010
  210. Keeping Jammer Heads Clean?
  211. Looking for some advice on a LJ
  212. Jammer Head Size
  213. "Seeing" the jamming beam pattern
  214. Laser jammer for 07 Subaru Impreza wagon
  215. My jammer test with Category4
  216. Seattle area installers
  217. Dallas-Fort Worth Jammer Test Planning
  218. Laser diodes VS leds, some questions
  219. Laser Jammer shopping, but...
  220. Just ordered Diode Jammers!
  221. need advice for a driver in socal, the OC
  222. Jammers illegal in SC?
  223. Just totaled my Jetta, looking at a new TDI and want protection.
  224. Jammer legal in my province but going on a road trip
  225. LI Quad Installation - Jaguar XF
  226. How many of you have jammers on the rear of your car?
  227. Speed and Jammers
  228. Jammers & Laser Cruise Control
  229. Let's all agree to abide by the Laser Countermeasure code
  230. Found this video
  231. Help choose LJ for 01 Nissan Frontier
  232. Wisconsin / Illinois people - Anyone willing to help test my new LI install?
  233. 9500ci/ZR4
  234. Off-axis laser question
  235. Escort ZR3 Angles
  236. Kill Switch
  237. Anyone with Lidar gun in Miami
  238. Cell phone "static" from Escort speaker!?!
  239. Who's in favor of changing the use of the word Jammer for Transponder?
  240. Seattle Area Lidars?
  241. 2008 Laser Jammer Shootout
  242. Laser Transponder question
  243. To install or not to install...
  244. SoCal Jammer Test - March 20
  245. Next Laser Transponder meet for Houston Area ?
  246. Great SAVE!
  247. Alberta Shoot Out?
  248. Laser Mask?
  249. Seeking advice on laser jamming system.
  250. How many LED's in a single LI head?