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  1. Looking for transponder parts
  2. An idea for fun and profit?
  3. how fast
  4. Jammer Placement (Could this work?)
  5. Do bras help with laser?
  6. Rear Shot Protection Question
  7. IR cameras and "transponders"
  8. Standards and definitions
  9. Seattle Area Interest in a Jammer Meet?
  10. LI and ZR4 newly installed on two vehicles
  11. Why is alighnment so important in LED based jammers?
  12. what sort of tricks do lidar guns use to confound jammers?
  13. SoCal Installer?
  14. Jammer options?
  15. Houston Area Install
  16. Need help on a C6 Corvette install
  17. best defense with my zr3 shifter?
  18. Installer in Maryland
  19. Jammer for minivan (2010 Sienna)
  20. Can a ZR4 and LI/Blinder live happily together?
  21. A serious discussion about the home made laser transponder
  22. false reading on my zr3...?
  23. Help guys... need answer asap
  24. 2008 Audi RS4 - LI or M27/47?
  25. AL gaurdian g-9
  26. Having a Laser Jammer in a state (OK) that's illegal?
  27. Communist Province of Ontario Buy a laser jammer dispite the jam codes??
  28. Help Testing
  29. Anyone in MI area to test LI install?
  30. M47, LI or LI HP
  31. Laser star question
  32. Spring is Here!!! Laser testing for Buffalo/ Toronto
  33. Central / SoCal Testing...
  34. I now hate my car! LI install
  35. Hidden LJ's
  36. Installer in MI?
  37. Custom HID ballast...
  38. Seriously thinking of switching from Blinder to LI for my Infiniti M
  39. Run a diode and led jammer in the same car
  40. Need to bring my car to the dealership - what to do with system?
  41. Jammer suggestions 911 Turbo
  42. Need to rent lidar gun
  43. Not sure what to get
  44. We May Finally Have an Alberta Shootout!
  45. Gadgetman is an foolish idiot!
  46. Cheetah wireless fitting kit opinions please?
  47. Good an reliable Laser Jammer NEED HELP!
  48. I bet some fool will buy this to use
  49. gonna roll my own laser detector
  50. Maybe a weird question about Atlanta speedlaser B
  51. Jammer Detection features on Laser Atlanta
  52. How often do you get hit from the rear?
  53. HIDs and jammers
  54. Laser Pro Park
  55. Passport SR-7---how good?
  56. LIs and ZR4s
  57. New car -new jammer (blinder or alg9)
  58. Today's Test Results
  59. Al g9 Jamming time
  60. Laser Jammer dammage caused by accident. Insurance money in an illegal state?
  61. looking for a Jammer
  62. ardrino laser gun simulator
  63. Counter-Measures for a Corvette
  64. Anyone in Raleigh/Charlotte, NC with any Laser Guns?
  65. Michigan LIDAR guns?
  66. 2010 Ford Escape Quad LI Test Results
  67. Any NY/NJ Tests Planned?
  68. LI vs. M27??
  69. Edmonton, AB Canada Laser Jammer/Radar Testing
  70. Eyeing up cars for potential installs??
  71. Any upcoming Midwest spring testing?
  72. Alarm at I-10 East - FL State Trooper Hiding In The Median
  73. Need some help deciding upon a Jammer.
  74. Buffalo/GTA Jammerfest results 5/1/2010
  75. What to do if stopped for JTG?
  76. JTK in Banned States / Provinces
  77. Buffalo/GTA Jammerfest Part II
  78. Thinking about a Laser Jammer
  79. Laser Atlanta and JA 3 Codes
  80. LI Power connection
  81. A thought about laser blinders
  82. Why do they call them laser guns?
  83. Two lidars at once in action
  84. New Gen8 LI = No more JA-3 jam code on the Laser Atlanta!?
  85. Would having a rattling trunk destroy the heads of a laser jammer?
  86. Rear Parking Sensors - what they really look like
  87. Repositioned my Jammer heads...
  88. Viper 5901 + Laser Jammer heads?
  89. A New System for Laser Jammers
  90. Protecting Range Rover From Laser
  91. Lazer Zapper?
  92. Help in protecting a MDX from laser
  93. technical question about jammers
  94. anyone own a laser gun in the chicago area?
  95. Anyone who has a Laser gun in NewEngland???
  96. Are TWO Sensors Ever Enough?
  97. Intermittent Jammer functioning
  98. Types of lidar in different states?
  99. Western Australia News article - Laser park pro does defet Poliscan?
  100. Laser Jammer vs R.D for Laser DETECTION
  101. looking for Wiring Photos of 9500ci
  102. Another "save"
  103. Any idea what this is?
  104. Rear Laser in Northeast?
  105. Laser Interceptor for 2009 Infiniti G37-S??
  106. Heads not perfectly level
  107. How far off axis can a LEO be with laser?
  108. Palm Beach County Deputies
  109. Steagall Pulled Over for JTG on Jackson Sheriff
  110. DFW Jammer Test - Saturday, 10 July 2010
  111. New Stalker Lidar LR Shipped!!
  112. Jammed eaten....... Yum
  113. Black Lancer Ralliart
  114. Vitronic Poliscan
  115. Looking for 904 nm LED's
  116. They think it's broken?
  117. Looking for advice on a new setup
  118. Laser guns ontario canada
  119. LEDs vs. Diodes
  120. About the laser jammers....
  121. Lidatek, LLC LE-10 : History, Facts & Myths.
  122. I want to by the best laser Jammer possible
  123. Anyone testing Jammers in the NY/NJ area anytime soon?
  124. How the heck do laser jammers work
  125. LTI Ultralyte 100LR/200LR Counter Measure Difference
  126. Can't Wait for LE10
  127. Wide Angle Laser Encounters
  128. Idea to Keep Parking Aid Receivers Clean
  129. LOL at RMR Laser Stik ad!
  130. Wierd Laser Encounter
  131. LE10 firing...
  132. Will the M47 be ok??
  133. Jamming the same LEO multiple times
  134. What a lucky "save"
  135. Disillusionised with LEOs
  136. weird laser ecounter??
  137. Need 9500CI Installed in Edmonton Canada
  138. Blinder M47 vs LI dual for truck
  139. May upgrade to M27
  140. Driving from Orange County to Ventura County weekly
  141. is the LI Legal
  142. looking into jammers
  143. LI coming today... Pre-install setup?
  144. Percentage of Drivers with Jammers?
  145. Need some help deciding which jammer to buy
  146. M27? - Advise for IS300
  147. Types of rader jammers??
  148. Veil Guy Review: Laser Diode Jammers
  149. Do hid lights delay laser reading
  150. Proud of my wife!
  151. technical question - a poll
  152. Have you gotten ticketed by laser when using laser jammers
  153. RadarRoy's LI
  154. Do you have rear Jammer Heads?
  155. Is Phantomplate spray better or worse against laser?
  156. Mounting jammer sensors flush or setback - how much of a difference does it make?
  157. Recomendations
  158. How do you guys get away with it?
  159. Ultimate unbeatable jammer, crazy idea?
  160. 2010 Jeep SRT8 Mounting Thoughts
  161. 2004 Grand Cherokee Rear Protection
  162. stop touching my LJ
  163. Firmware upgradable laser jammers having detection only as default firmware
  164. Global Traffic Mobile Laser Enforcement
  165. Another LI save
  166. So I'm thinking about buying a LIDAR gun...
  167. need recommendation: blinder M27 or escort zr4
  168. Quick questioin about lidar
  169. Have you ever jammed a LEO and thought they knew?
  170. The FAQ states that LEO's can shoot off sideview mirrors. Can we use mirrors with LI?
  171. BelTronics LaserJammer on a 2011 Shelby GT500
  172. Got my first ticket, time for a jammer!
  173. Getting my LI tomorrow!
  174. 2 Jammers at once?
  175. BAGGED today!! 97mph in a 65..... LI punch through @ 1980 feet! I94 Chicago - MKE
  176. NY/LI/NJ/CT Test
  177. It's a lot harder than it looks!
  178. Virginia Jammer Users - Have you been pulled over?
  179. Looking for some laser jammer advice!
  180. Checking your jammers on the fly
  181. laser in ohio. I see it and 9 times out of 10, slow before I get a laser alert.
  182. If you could only test
  183. BMW M5 w/LIDAR jammer installed 4 sale
  184. Todays's NJ Laser Jammer Meet
  185. Really easy question
  186. Cincinnati and Columbus area test meeting?
  187. LI vs Blinder? Newcommer!
  188. New Jammer? or just a repackage of RMR?
  189. Stealth Jammer install
  190. Eastern Canada Jammer meet
  191. Really easy question #2
  192. Display interface for Mercedes Benz
  193. Locating jammer heads for optimal rear end protection
  194. Thanks again Lady LI........
  195. So, you see what happened was........
  196. Laser jammer positioning on the rear of my nissan silvia
  197. New Kiyo laser jammer...crap
  198. LI: is it worth getting the High Power version?
  199. East Coat - *TRI-STATE AREA* Jammer meet
  200. Jammer for 2008 Suzuki SX4 ?
  201. Laser Pro Park............. THOUGHTS?
  202. Visible Laser Jammers - do cops look for them?
  203. ! Laser Atlanta Upgrades Its SpeedLaser® Models ! - Check the News Section
  204. Long Island Jammer testing
  205. N. Dallas Jammer Meet
  206. Next generation laser guns
  207. Australian users
  208. GOL PPS laser detector??
  209. Well, my wife jammed a LEO today :(
  210. Criminal Customz Installation Shop Cleveland, Ohio
  211. Best Cars for Jammer install *front and rear)
  212. Buying a new car. Which of these colors is the most stealth to laser and radar?
  213. Write to Cheetah encouraging them to create a product to cut LJs off based on PSL
  214. What determines how effective a laser jammer is?
  215. Soon soon.
  216. Oct 17th east side meet
  217. Midwest testing
  218. Thoughts on Civic Headlights and Blinder M47
  219. Will a Blinder M47 be enough for my car? BMW 325i (e30)
  220. What jammer to get?
  221. How do you "rapidly" slow down?
  222. Running 2 jammers at once
  223. Mini Meet
  224. Laser Interceptor Vs Blinder M27 + Which is better for my car?
  225. Protecting a 2010 Acura TL - Which Jammer System?
  226. Installer in chicago area?
  227. Speedlabs Laser Tester
  228. Is Laser becomming more and more popular?
  229. Anyone have a good internal shot of the Blinder control module?
  230. Laser Jammer Legality
  231. Washington State Jammer Test & Tune meet.
  232. British driver receives 30 day driving ban for jamming lidar
  233. question about lidar guns for the experts
  234. Laser Jammer Install Fails?
  235. Edmonton, AB Jammer Meet - Come Test Your System
  236. Question about "level" installation
  237. Wow Laser mask went to Laser Diode's
  238. Black Car clarification
  239. Laser Mask - New Diode Jammer
  240. Behind windshield laser jammer?
  241. What is the best laser jammer?
  242. What should I purchase
  243. Which LIDAR Gun?
  244. What is the best laser jammer, for these types of cams ( Pics ) from KSA
  245. Switch to LI almost complete
  246. Im finally getting serious about a M27...i need a location?
  247. 2 jammers at once
  248. BLINDER M47 / Li
  249. jammer positions Tahoe
  250. You never know when....or where...