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  1. Jammer Test - Kansas City - Any interest?
  2. Jammers?? (if so, i believe a FAIL)!!
  3. Anyone in MA/NH/CT area with an Ultralyte?
  4. Need to buy Laser Jammer/ radar for Volvo XC60 - Suggestions?
  5. Based on responses - going with the LI Quad - So what Radar detector with it?
  6. East Coast Countermeasure Installer
  7. Recommend a jammer
  8. Houston meet in December?
  9. Jammer testing near Baltimore
  10. Laser Interceptor or Blinder M47 for Hyundai Azera?
  11. Any reason not to buy?
  12. Pulled over after a successful jamming?
  13. Jammer Test in Massachusetts. Anyone Intrested?
  14. Anyone seen this?
  15. Jammer ?
  16. Moved my heads...
  17. The RMR Laser Stik, what it is
  18. 1st save story..
  19. Just bought LI dual
  20. Improve ZR4's?
  21. Laser Jamming vs Radar Jamming penalty
  22. LE10 $350 on craigslist
  23. BMW looking for jammer (LI) and mounting
  24. Hit with C/O Ka and LI didn't alert.
  25. Should I buy a Dremmel??
  26. CT-12 Laser Jammer
  27. Installers in Houston
  28. M27 in south florida looking for testing! will pay!
  29. Interesting (but meaningless) infrared picture observation regarding pulsed light
  30. DFW Area Jammer Tests
  31. NY LongIsland Small test
  32. Need Help with LIs rear P/T 400 feet (VIDEO INSIDE)
  33. 2011 F350 King Ranch
  34. DFW test meet
  35. NJ jam meet
  36. lets get a world wide jam meet going.
  37. Things not to do after you instal laser jammers
  38. Need Advice - Toyota Tundra: Blinder M47 or LI Dual?
  39. GLI Not jammer friendly
  40. Dallas Jammer Test, again?
  41. LI Promo
  42. ZR3 for $100? Almost Brand New
  43. anyone in boise idaho
  44. My LJ elevation adjustment thing...
  45. Jammer decision for Nissan 350Z
  46. Laser Jammer for 2006 Audi A6
  47. Quality/Durability of Laser Interceptor Product
  48. 2009 Cadillac CTS-V LI Install (Head Mounting)
  49. I have a 1989 Porsche 951 (944 Turbo) Triple Black....quick question?
  50. anybody need a jammer installed/tested today?
  51. Laser Jammer (LI) & Remote Engine Starter
  52. Laser in NJ?
  53. Acquired a Lidatek LE-10
  54. engineering reasons for punch through ?
  55. diodes for a spice up project
  56. M27 with Escort 9500CI and ZR4's
  57. Jam with the LI-I'm not even sure.
  58. Hit in the rear.. gy a girl
  59. Engineers : quick way to test jammer on bench ?
  60. The Stealthmobile needs YOUR help!
  61. Someone wants to attend a jammer meet
  62. Anyone care to discuss jammer designs ?
  63. Interested In a Stinger DSI or any other diffusers.
  64. Laser tamers.
  65. Adding an extneral speaker to LI's
  66. Laser Ally- interesting video!
  67. Blinder issue?
  68. Escort 9500ci and german poliscan
  69. Will I need a Dual or a Quad LI in Detroit, MI?
  70. Pulled over due to laser jamming
  71. Proud owner of a new Laser Atlanta Speedlaser R! (NY)
  72. Pro Laser III and/or Ultralyte 20/20 Needed for Testing
  73. Any forum members that live in Arizona?
  74. First alert on LI Quad, WA State - "custom" ???
  75. Anyone own a laser gun in Detroit,MI for testing?
  76. My Prolite Died...
  77. Here's a LIDAR application new to me, anyone know specifics about this?
  78. the cold is no protection against laser
  79. laser jammer units installed pointing outward 5 degrees
  80. Anybody In NE Georgia Area?
  81. Paint license plate non-retro reflective?
  82. Maserati Quattroporte with ZR4 Shifters
  83. Kustom Pro Laser I vs Kustom Pro Laser II
  84. Anyone testing LI in Long Island - New York anytime soon?
  85. LI finally installed
  86. Can a county or city outlaw jammers irrespective of state laws?
  87. LI and 9500ci same speaker?
  88. Anyone install/test setup in Northern Virginia/DC/PA/MD??
  89. Big Test for the Northeast
  90. Li Dual or M47?
  91. May be a silly question but...
  92. cracked LPP lens - how do I fix it?
  93. In need of Jammer
  94. jammer head sizes
  95. Can you Run 2 Diff Jammers?
  96. LASER Mask
  97. New Jammer Testing in South East
  98. Out with the new, in with the newer
  99. CM Setup South Florida Suggestions
  100. got another ticket today (shot by laser)
  101. Separate Emitter & Reciever?
  102. Anyone testing in Vancouver or Northern Washington?
  103. Cant tell if jammer is jamming
  104. Laser pro park
  105. Car Insurance and Jammers?
  106. Laser Finder with Speed
  107. How would a jammer do against this setup?
  108. (ECCTG) East Coast Countermeasure Testing Group test & tweak meet - Tri-State area
  109. Any Experts Care to Chime In
  110. Laser Pro Park
  111. How do you practice doing JTK?
  112. Solution to Laser Cameras
  113. NEwbie laser jammer question about inside
  114. Anyone in Idaho have a lidar gun
  115. Help with Installing 9500ci Laser Jammers, and Radar Detc M-BEBZ E55 Thanks
  116. Anyone testing in Florida?
  117. Would anything work on this car?
  118. A crazy thought but might be doable for head mounting, Retractable heads
  119. 4 heads m47 vs 2 head li opinion
  120. Help on laser jammer choice
  121. LTI Jam-less?
  122. Anyone looking for testing in Orlando?
  123. Question about leveling LI Heads with pics
  124. Antilaser G9
  125. Need your opinions
  126. Planning for jammers
  127. First Jammer encounter.........??save??
  128. LI dual or Blinder M-47?
  129. Saudi Arabia Laser Camera
  130. Has anyone heard of LASER ELITE?
  131. Prolite in the vertical position effect jamming?
  132. Need Setup Tested - Anyone In BC?
  133. NY LI install price?
  134. Any more news on laser tamers???
  135. Troubleshooting Laser PASS
  136. LI vs M47 for Dodge Dakota
  137. Jammer testing Cincinnati
  138. Is LIDAR being used to ticket at greater distances?
  139. Laser ally for rent?
  140. Laser jammer questions (I read the FAQs!)
  141. Jammers class b misdemeanor? Texas Federal Law violation?
  142. CT-12 Laser Jammer Initial Impressions and Review
  143. Jammers in Illinois
  144. Initial impressions of the Laser Elite Jammer
  145. TruCAM -- Can it be Jammed???
  146. Realistic PT Distances
  147. DFW Jammer Meet (June 18)
  148. Why so much secracy about testing laser jammers?
  149. Testing my laser jammers, will this work..
  150. LIDATEK LE-30 Should I "OR" should I know buy it?
  151. Ok it's time to get something.....need advice
  152. discount at radarbusters
  153. Proof of jammer installation gets laser ticket dismissed in Florida?
  154. Real world jamming scenarios: The right decisions
  155. Laser falses
  156. How much is too much?
  157. Most versatile shifter-system for my needs
  158. LI rear vs. zr4 laser shifter rear
  159. Does SC use rear laser on I-85
  160. Moving to FL - do i need rear laser protection?
  161. MUST WATCH: Veil Only Performance on RDnet Member Rear SUV!
  162. 1000$ budget
  163. Tape Chrome?
  164. Any one using the Laser Interceptor High Power unit?
  165. Denali Testing Time!
  166. Is a used ZR4 good enough?
  167. Southeastern LI user needed to test my set up.
  168. Add front license plate...doesn't seem logical
  169. Laser Jammer in CALIF
  170. Blinder M06 yes I know it is obsolete but does do anything at all against
  171. Stalker lz1
  172. Do Laser Jammers Really Work?
  173. { lidar } laser
  174. Met with Corkguykev
  175. Is blinder still useless against laser ally?
  176. Can anyone stall laser jammers in northern virginia
  177. Just purchased Blinder M47 + Cheetah Wireless (Anyone in MI to help install or test?)
  178. OR or WA laser jammer testing?
  179. Laser Pro Park...What's New?
  180. ZR4 Adequate for California? Recommendations?
  181. Antilaser AL G9
  182. First Laser Save!
  183. Need to rent a lidar gun
  184. To buy or not to buy...
  185. truspeed s and lr
  186. Need Help trying to buy an Ultralyte
  187. Which jammer to pick
  188. how easy is it to jam this gun?
  189. please help, dont know which one to get
  190. LTI 20/20 TruSpeed
  191. Where to put my laser jammer?
  192. Texas Laser Diffusers Illegal - New Law 9/1/11 - I got snagged yesterday
  193. Jamming Head size comparison photos?
  194. Laser Ally on SALE
  195. New Install looking to TEST on LONG ISLAND
  196. Blinder install - to beat rear Poliscan setup ( australia )
  197. California Cruzin....
  198. need some help with wireing
  199. Loving these Jammers
  200. question on zr3 head placement (rear with front heads)
  201. Strangest thing........
  202. What are the chances of this rear install jamming??
  203. Court trail set tomorrow for my 97 in a 65...
  204. rear jammer idea
  205. Stealth the install? (Tx)
  206. In what states are Radar Jammers or shifters illegal?
  207. Interesting video about jammers in the UK.
  208. "They came.. from.. behind..!" or Has Anyone Actually Been LIDARed from behind?
  209. General Laser Detection & ZR3 Optimal Install Questions
  210. Anybody need a install or testing done?
  211. Why wouldn't someone buy?
  212. Looking to test new install
  213. "Smart" Jammer Concept?
  214. Radar and Laser high quality stealth install in Houston?
  215. Hehe, First Save!!
  216. Just installed laser interceptor
  217. Laer tamers?
  218. Difference between Laser Jammers and Radar Jammers?
  219. Laser and radar install in 2003 Range Rover
  220. Laser Ally
  221. LI + Veil
  222. Interactions between different brands of jammers?
  223. Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode
  224. Tx LEO searching for laser jammers?
  225. Brute force jamming with constant pulse jammers?
  226. Need some advice on laser: Doing 115 mph in a 60 zone
  227. TX, Houston - speeding ticket, officer lied I think, options?
  228. Small question
  229. Finally time for some jammers
  230. Install Locations
  231. Building a laser jammer question.
  232. Ultra Lyte 20-20 LR-100
  233. Michigan people..
  234. beltronic laser pro 904
  235. Can Blinder and Laser Interceptor Coexist
  236. Minnesota...
  237. radar rob is amazing
  238. Best laser jammer up to $300?
  239. Ticket on I-95 East of NYC - Thoughts
  240. Escort ZR4
  241. laser video
  242. Looking to Rent LIDAR Guns in Canada
  243. Quad LI Location for 2007 BMW 335i
  244. Lti trucam
  245. Do you get a computer readout of your speed from LEO?
  246. Window tint and laser detection with a RD
  247. CHP and Laser Ally
  248. How much of the front does the laser actually hit?
  249. Laser Jammer placement Question
  250. New car, need diode head placement advice for reinstall