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  1. Looking to Purchase Lidar Gun
  2. SO, what is more effective against real police lidar. Blinder hp-905, or LI?
  3. California
  4. East coast 2012 jammer/RD test?
  5. Have these been reviewed?
  6. Blinder Laser Jammers top of the line
  7. Laser jammer vs RD in my state
  8. Escort 9500ci install in Richmond VA
  9. Which Laser Jammer for a 911?
  10. Infiniti G37x LI rear placement
  11. Steagall
  12. Just purchased a Kustom ProLaser II
  13. Placement for a Jaguar XF
  14. Possible LI Test, Kentucky
  15. Anybody in WA able to test out an install?
  16. Blinder HP-905 (Dual) placement question
  17. Laser Interceptor (Dual) placement question
  18. 07 Altima Sedan LI Dual or Quad
  19. Question from Virginia
  20. Moving to California, got a few decisions to make. Help?
  21. Best way to find someone with a gun to test install?
  22. Jammer testing device
  23. Looking to Purchase Lidar Gun
  24. Found LRB's for Sale
  25. LI or HP-905?
  26. need help
  27. Testing G9's in Toronto area
  28. Edmonton, AB and Surruonding Area Jammer Meet?
  29. *** question
  30. Want To Rent LIDAR gun for a weekend to test
  31. Huge Laser Ally Save
  32. '05 M 20 Blinder - should I be worried?
  33. A little help please
  34. Nice first LI save today!
  35. is this any good ?
  36. Help with what brand.
  37. Can you run Li 8.9 and blinder m27 up front
  38. GOL Tests Why So Dated?
  39. Recomendation for Yukon Denali
  40. Old member back after 3 year hiatus.. need advice
  41. Help with LI/STIR install
  42. Does anyone have any Laser Interceptor warranty horror stories they want to share?
  43. Edmonton, AB Jammer Meet
  44. Bluetooth laser jammer
  45. Jammers Illegal in Oklahoma
  46. Can a old school M06 Blinder be upgraded to 904nm lasers?
  47. FHP vs GT500-Set up advice-
  48. Are we in trouble??
  49. Passive Lidar Defense, Projector Headlight Painting
  50. Dodge Charger 2012 Laser Mount Locations
  51. Laser Jammer placement and Laser Interceptor vs. HP-905
  52. Cheapest Place On The Net To Find The Blinder HP-905?
  53. carrier on my forester 2012..suceptible to laser with sucess?
  54. Help! Blinderguy still hold part of my purchase of Blinder HP-905 Quad
  55. can i use LI and blinder m47 together but spaced enough?
  56. Anyone know about these LI start-up tone/beeps? (video)
  57. what about overpass shot?
  58. CLiff at laser interceptor usa
  59. 2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee install questions
  60. Cost of a ticket for jamming laser where illegal?
  62. STATEN ISLAND NY..Anyone have a lidar gun?
  63. anyone has laser gun i can test hp 905 in tampa bay area ?
  64. Laser Gun Rental/Testing?
  65. looking at jammer. anyone put one on 4th gen dodge ram yet? (09+)
  66. jammer head suspicion
  67. Edmonton, Alberta Laser Jammer Testing
  68. Looking for someone in OC(CA) who can help to install and test laser interceptor.
  69. Laser Interceptor or Blinder 905 - both dual heads (which to buy)
  70. al priority
  71. Disneyland, CA V-max with a ZR4
  72. DIY 904nm laser/lidar detector
  73. very excited to see new laser jammer by bel/scort dual real diodes at 599-
  74. Saved from Lti marksman 20/20 with my quad Laser Interceptor 8.9, latest update 8.14
  75. Laser interceptors OR AntiLaser??
  76. Beware of New Generation Police Lidar Gun Designed to be Unjammable
  77. newest *** vs ALP and others? Web says ALP local installers say new ***. Lying?
  78. Jammer Owners BEWARE: DragonEye Compacts in MD
  79. Best Anti-Laser Choice for Bel STi-r Plus
  80. Blinder M27 or LI dual for 2005 F250? (I already own both)- and where to mount 'em?
  81. Rent cars pften
  82. while waiting on new jammer setup. Will this help me out with pt. in the meanwhile?
  83. K-40 Laser Defuser G5
  84. Advice On First Time Jammer - Jeep Grand Cherokee
  85. Where should I mount my new jammers on new car.
  86. Explain to me- how police laser can work with a car facing away from traffic?
  87. New Laser Speed Devices Article (2012 Article but good Information)
  88. New technologies in laser jammer ??
  89. LTI TruSpeed SXB Now Being Used in New Jersey
  90. ISO laserpro 905 head unit
  91. Wanted ZR3 Display only
  92. Good question about Dragon Eye jamming technology. A question we should be asking..
  93. LI Gen8 CPU
  94. Blinder Patent validity
  95. I have a lidar/laser gun in Montreal Canada
  96. Need advice before I spend the $$$$$$
  97. So I Take It a Lidatek LE30 Dual or Single is Usless?
  98. Does jamming for first seconds alert leo
  99. Latest stalker lidar
  100. LI/V1 vs Truspeed S ?
  101. Where to mount for RS7 grille?
  102. ALP Laser jammers
  103. Nothing new??
  104. What is the best out there today?
  105. ADDENDUM: "What is the best out there today ?"
  106. Best laser jammer with stir plus ?
  107. AntiLaser Priorty vs LI?
  108. Yeah very pressing patent from digital ally
  109. Be aware of your state law on Jammers.