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  1. how do these things actually work?
  2. GoL recieving Diode or LED?
  3. Can jammers pick up laser scatter?
  5. Advice on mounting a head
  6. WARNING: FAKE Blinder! Don't get scammed.
  7. Jammer in NJ
  8. Penalty for Laser Jammer in Utah?
  9. m20, zr3, or laser defender single?
  10. I want a jammer but...
  12. Drive-Smart is your jammer in the mail?
  13. New Laser Jammers
  14. LPP 6.5
  15. LT 400 Who Knows This Jammer ?
  16. Poll:Which jammer will win the GOL tests this weekend?
  17. Anti-Laser upgrades will cost you hundreds of dollars?! WTF
  18. Drive-Smart = Drive-Dissapointment? Sure, but it makes sense
  19. DS - Have you been selling your unit since late 2005?
  20. Bought the Escort SR7 and ZR3 system, IS IT WORTH KEEPING!!
  21. saw "rip-nip" reading the boards. no comments?
  22. Anti-laser punch throughs vs. Drive-smart no-show.
  23. So what jammers were tested by GOL?
  24. When companies attack!
  25. Mirror covers?
  26. For all the people who use Guys of Lidar:
  27. Wide angle, overpass, onramp shots beat jammers?
  28. Very Important Consumer Question someone posted at DS.uk
  29. GPS Function
  30. What about offering a single high-output transmit head?
  31. Blinder m-20 vs Bel LaserPro905....
  32. lidatek 5 sec. how long is this 5 sec?
  33. LLP AL7 Generic Jamming Video?
  34. jammer 18 in rule
  35. MY quick ZR3 install
  36. Tristate(NY, NJ, and CT) jammer jam off.
  37. Laser Guns used in South Africa?
  38. Couple of questions for DS.
  39. What do you think is an acceptable punch through number?
  40. DIY laser jammer?
  41. Which will we see first?
  43. ZR3 placement on my car?
  44. laser park pro..........
  45. Requested to be banned as a DS customer!
  46. at what angle do jammers jam at.....
  47. Rocky Mountain jammers...
  48. Hard time mounting laser jammer
  49. Laser Head mounting Question
  50. lti error codes........lti marksman and ultralyte..
  51. Laser targeting from behind
  52. Anti-Laser Pro Park laser jammer test DONE! -- Mouse and JTW
  53. [Video] for Antilaser test conducted by JTW and go.mouse
  54. April 2006 Laser Countermeasure Results!
  55. GOL APR 2006 Results...Am I reading 'em right?
  56. the Escort ZR3 was not tested but....
  57. From GoL+Laser Jammer results, best RETAIL jammer available?
  58. GoL- Why did you test AL 7 and not LPP?
  59. placement for ZR3
  60. SAVE THESE PEOPLE! RMR Laser Jammer
  61. Why has Staton not released the results for Jamal's AL 7?
  62. GOL Results Important Points
  63. Is Laser Shield legal in MA?
  64. Sequence of events - I smell agenda!
  65. Why would GoL target the roof for a laser jammer test?
  66. lti operating tempreture..........
  67. what would you pick? LED or DIODE unit?
  68. jammer indiacation, sortware upgrades....
  69. DriveSmart Extreme Angle Roof Shot Punch Through!
  70. Do you want JTW telling you how to manage your money?
  71. Do you own a Antilaser?
  72. Would you attend an Antilaser Vs Drivesmart event?
  73. Anti-Laser AL8.0 is the new retail revision?
  74. Should a tripod not be used in laser jammer tests?
  75. Please Help Choose Jammer
  76. GOL 35' Roof Shot Picture Of Vehicle
  77. would angled diodes work?
  78. Performance of veil and laser shield on an SUV...
  79. A new concern for you LPP owners!
  80. Stealth mode???
  81. define "level" jammer
  82. Need help: jammer for CR-V
  83. My complete x50+ zr3 install with aux speakers
  84. Question: Best Laser Jammer for MA?
  85. Drive-Smart Defender2 vs Ultralyte 100
  86. Little weird.
  87. Best laser jammer?
  88. Which Laser Jammer should i buy?
  89. DS Video My Version LOL MUST WATCH!
  90. Is Anti Laser price going to go down?
  91. LIDAR head alignment idea?
  92. European Small - Medium Cars
  93. lti20-20jam........DS Video
  94. DS Videos
  95. How much would a bra help on my car?
  96. DS Video Advice PLEASE READ DS
  97. Which jammer for 02 WRX - Your opinion
  98. Blinder M40 vs. ZR3
  99. What kind of laser gun?
  100. Pro laser 2 manual
  101. My own Laser Test (June 3,4,10,11)
  102. Nebraska, Kearney now has LASER!!!!
  103. is the zr3 ever gonna have updates?
  104. Jammer that let's me slow down enough!
  105. Searching for the right jammer...
  106. DS Free set up
  107. Laser Jammer... Worth the investment????
  108. DRIVE SMART BANS forum members from browsing their website.
  109. Differences between ZR3 and Laserpro 904/905
  110. What happened to Pro-Park laser jammer in the UK?
  111. birthday yesterday and no jammer
  112. Kustom Pro-Lite ?
  113. So what is the best for me
  114. Need help choosing
  116. Installed 3 Lidatek LE30 heads on my Lexus GX470 (m)
  117. Tomorrow is the big day for DS will they deliver?
  118. Blinder Vs ZR3
  120. a few ZR3 questions
  121. laser on route 3 in MA but I have a question
  122. Headlights on = jam ProLaser III?
  123. What type of Jammer should I get?
  124. Laser shield what?
  125. would you buy a lidatek if.....it had more than 5 sec of jam
  126. Request suggestions for REAR of Lexus GX470 (m)
  127. Price for dual defender 2 OMG!
  128. Group Anti Laser buy!!!!
  129. Is the shifter worth it?
  130. If you have a LJ & want to come to the test (June 3,4,10
  131. Laser distances from Google Earth
  132. TRUE testing ideas.............
  133. jammed a stalker laser on 95/192 hwy exit
  134. Linking up the Defender2 and the Drivesmart gps system
  135. Defender 2 Shipping Pic of In Car Box
  136. Ford Focus trustworthy at Testing? Please Read Before Vote!
  137. Overpass shots = punch through?
  138. 2002 Audi A4 - where to put jammer heads
  139. zr3 pictures?
  140. Which jammer tested at April GOL event did the best?
  141. [Video] Anti-laser claims this and Staton claims that
  142. Regaurdless of GOL AL is not the best, here is why!!
  143. impossible laser jammer feature?
  144. Sticky for Car placement / What works recommendation.
  145. Suggestions for a black Honda Ridgeline
  146. Which Laser jammers can defected LTI Marksman Laser Gun
  147. Has anyone received their Def2 yet???????
  148. Kustom's New Pro Lite Gun Pics!!!!!
  149. Outrun's Testing Results
  150. ideas for the next GoL laser shootout event
  151. LP 905/ escort compatability
  152. CURIOUS...Why DS keeps buying older LIDAR guns
  153. Overpass testing
  154. Jammer Progression
  155. Escort ZR3 Mounting on Scooter - Comments Please
  156. Which laser range/speed finder to use to test jammer?
  157. got hit today with my zr3. . .
  158. questions on plate angle. . .
  159. Another Placement Query/M20 or M40?
  160. Laser jammer test 6/3/06
  161. What would be the best setup (zr3)
  162. please help bring rear up front
  163. options for laser jamming??
  164. ZR3 and M20 Xtreme
  165. jammer for trucks
  166. Some useful bits of info, any comments?
  167. Will a ZR3 LJ hookup to my Bel V995?
  168. I'm not too Lazy but...
  169. what makes a gun hard to jam?
  170. Drive Smart Defender 2 Live LOGGING Data
  171. lp905 mounting top or bottom of plate?
  172. Hid effect
  173. Pics @ the second testing site!
  174. Which would you pick
  175. Where to buy jammers?
  176. Drive Smart bring it!!
  177. Horn's sending a defender 2 to GOL for testing
  178. Important Announcement...
  179. Posts being deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  180. Is shooting at this angle accurate?
  181. Newbie needs advice
  182. Lidatek LE-30 jammer question
  183. LIDAR overpass shots... accurate???
  184. Anti Laser - Pro Laser III fixed.
  185. WHERE is JTW?
  186. What to do when a cop finds your jammer..
  187. zr3 mounting: what is upside down?
  188. Loophole in the Illinois Laser Jammer Ban
  189. Tested my AntiLaser 7 today!
  190. New Technology In Richmond, Virginia Laser Plate Readers
  191. New Laser Countermeasure
  192. Window Tint or AL7 Dual?
  193. Is a Stationary Target REALLY The Most Difficult to Jam?
  194. Recieved my LPP today! *updated with pics*
  195. Thanks to Suf Daddy
  196. Laser jammer dilemma
  197. Just talked to Escort Radar concerning the ZR3.
  198. What should i do?
  199. Speed and jamming- Is it easier to jam at 75mph or 35mph?
  200. ZR3 - Should they be tested as recommened by Escort?
  201. unjammable guns next?
  202. Which laser guns, how to ID?
  203. whats the special card that comes with the ZR3?
  204. Does it really matter?
  205. ZR3 jam vs alert time
  206. We tested AL One head today oh uhhh
  207. What is up with AL (POLL)
  208. ZR3 Install on an M3. Mounting problems? Vertical?
  209. As much as I'd like to buy a lidar jammer....
  210. first experience w/zr3...not happy
  211. Best mounting location for IS 350
  212. Outrun needs a Laser Atlanta!
  213. A thought to put "juiced unit" theory to rest
  214. Laser Pro Park Testing - Hi-Res Internal Pics *6/21/06*
  215. Jammer test in South Africa - JHB
  216. *Get $50.00!* Send me a pro-park to test for a weekend....
  217. LED Laser Jammers
  218. tints
  219. adding new variable to test? "TPT"
  220. Question on mounting Lidar Jammer.
  221. How often do cops snipe from behind?
  222. Anything in front of a LED jammer head makes it USELESS!!!!!
  223. Question about LPP/AL...
  224. Lidar Guns
  225. it's not a laser jammer!! it's a bird collision deterrent !
  226. Inside a Stalker LZ-1
  227. Blinder vs LPP for stalker
  229. The jamming algorithm?
  230. Group buy on Laser Atlanta's -- 3 days only
  231. How to set-up ZR3
  232. Jammer quesiton
  233. Does anyone have a Lasergun FOR SALE????????
  234. what laser gun was this. . .
  235. A request to those who have Lidar guns...
  236. new unit needed
  237. KMPH, Cause for concern ??
  238. Which laser jammer is more effective in Jamming to Gun?
  239. Which lazer jammer works?
  240. Video: My AL8's first encounter with laser + install pics
  241. ZR3
  242. What happens....
  243. Laser Pro Park Got It w/ PICS!!!!
  244. Laser encounter tonite I need help interpreting
  245. More Pro Park Photos
  246. How are you mounting your LPP??
  247. Laser Jammer Recommendations please!!!
  248. LP905/ZR3 works great...with veil and lasershield
  249. NEED SOME HELP!!!
  250. Few questions about laser jamming