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  1. AL G8 fired yesterday
  2. LPP Question
  3. How much would you...
  4. Laser Jammer Head Location on a BMW 335i?
  5. anyone in houston or dallas
  6. Another LPP question(s)
  7. A thousand apologies in advance and...
  8. lpp with le-30 head
  9. Headlight covers?
  10. Error code definitions on different Laser Guns
  11. Testing the Laser Alanta with JTW & LittleOverPSL today.
  12. Laser "Diffuser" Plate Cover (?)
  13. JTW...how well does the L. Mimic prefom against other lasers
  14. Laser Jammer Detector
  15. ZR3 owners...how do you like your ZR3?
  16. Best laser jammer for Connecticut..lots of Ultralytes...
  17. Interested in testing? (SC)
  18. Mission inpossible :P
  19. Major Problem with my AL 8.0 - 4th Issue with it! :(
  20. AL with audi RS4...one or two head units????
  21. Any one here have "Stone Guard' on your auto to protect
  22. Impreza LPP Fitment
  23. Jamming with a Osprey
  24. Jammers & Brother
  25. Funny Story with laser technology
  26. For those who dont think the Mimic works??? read on.... PT 1
  27. Well some people hate to be proved wrong about the mimic.
  28. Calling out Radar Roy, VolvoRob and HappyA$$.
  29. In my post 1st post regarding the Mimic..was for results..
  30. Nov 3-4 Vancouver Laser Jammer Test
  31. I want to man up and apologize for my harness toward's GOL.
  32. SPEED VIOLATION using Licence Plate Recognition
  33. AL G8 out of stock. Are you getting the same email?
  34. JTW to buy Laser Pro Park
  35. Infrared pictures of LaserPatrol (aka. TraffiPatrol)
  36. Ontario
  37. Tested the Mimic in sunny conditions today, great results...
  38. What should i do?
  39. Who to vote for in 06' to save your laser jammers
  40. [Part 1 of 2 Video] Laser Mimic w/Veil on the headlights
  41. [Part 2 of 2 Video] Laser Mimic w/Veil pure windshield shots
  42. What angle should be the standard testing angle? Vote.
  43. Can someone please explain this too me....
  44. My LPP arrived! :)
  45. Reflecticeness.........
  46. Multiple Laser Hits?
  47. Go.Mouse, JTW and PSL...had fun testing jammers today.
  48. No time limit on jammers = KEY!
  49. My LPP came in two weeks ago
  50. updated Bilinder coming?
  51. Keep on waiting...
  52. Is NEW LPP Made by ANTILASER or NOT ???
  53. Soon to be released Jammer made by Blinder???
  54. Is Not Illegal Good Enough?
  55. What is the useful life of a jammer?
  56. this......
  57. Nov 4, 2006 - Vancouver Jammer Test Result (Part 1)
  58. Headlights...On or Off?
  59. Top 10 laser guns
  60. Anyone ever use the wireless speedcheetah???
  61. Maybe I am better with a front Lic plate??
  62. PL 3
  63. Need Expert Advice on Best Possible mouting Location
  64. Jenoptik Laserpatrol - error code chart/table
  65. Jenoptik Laserpatrol - offer to purchase
  66. So when the new one comes out what to do???
  67. Kustom ProLaser III maximum range
  68. Using different models of jammers simultaneously
  69. Ran into another Prolite (bino) laser trap on I-5 today
  70. Trying to get a LPP, but having difficulty
  71. Opinion's please on my Mimic and V1 display's together (PIC)
  72. Lidar in a moving vehicle
  73. I found this, while looking to defeat laser better
  74. adding a binder m40 to exsisting zr3 on a hyundai 06
  75. Can you install laser jammer heads inside of headlights?
  76. I need to make my plate alot less reflective vs. other guns
  77. AWESOME Cannonball Article
  78. LPP Question... Please Read/Respond!
  79. Guysoflidar.com Redesigned!!!!
  80. Lidatek 30 Install & Matthew Ammon, Bellevue WA.
  81. tinted headlight film
  82. Light Khaki Metallic or White?????? *UPDATED*
  83. Just painted my Euro plate to reduce laser return. (pics)
  84. Why not fool a Laser gun with a false speed reading???
  85. Penalties in Virginia
  86. speed trap and cops
  87. Can you laser protect a Ford F250?
  88. Infinity laser cruise control disables the LPP.
  89. lpp led patterns and false beeping
  90. Laser Jammers in Illinois - Read Section (d)
  91. LTI code E-07
  92. need help on how to install a blinder on an 05 altima...
  93. Best laser jammer?
  94. what exactly is a LPP and how does it work??
  95. Where to install LPP on a BMW Z4
  96. Laser jammer law in IL
  97. A little confused about LPP
  98. When are we going to see this new jammer.
  99. NICE WORK "GOLM" aka CBC
  100. not showing jamming code
  101. Impressed with AL G8
  102. Thinking about a new jammer !!! Now with a new question !!!
  103. Zr3 on a Grand Prix !!!!!!Now with A pic!!!!!
  104. Laser Gun in Southeast Wisconsin
  105. Does anyone know if the ZR3 is going to be updated?
  106. still safe to use a jammer ?
  107. Does the 2005 LE30 vs the M20 thread still hold true?
  108. need an FCC license?
  109. Snooper 950X
  110. lpp upgradability
  111. Question for people in Middle Tennessee
  112. Laser Guns by State
  113. Kustom did away with "standard" ProLite?
  114. From where I can buy a Laser Gun ?
  115. Rear transponder placement ideas? (Audi A4/S4)
  116. BREAKING NEWS! JTW has started a new jammer test website!!!!
  117. what is going on?
  118. Albuquerque New Mexico lidar scenario
  119. Anyone in the Western NY area have a laser gun?
  120. Zr3 and Laser Atlanta issue??
  121. when to shoot from the rear?!
  122. Parking sensors
  123. LPP Installed
  124. thoughts
  125. AL G8 - PIC chip
  126. Prodigy Jammer
  127. Laser plate?
  128. It's Xmas Time... Which Jammer to ask from Santa?
  129. What to get?
  130. So... tell me what my options are
  131. Your expertise What jammer & Mounting Location...
  132. Is it even worth it
  133. Team JTG Laser Jammer Test -- Escort Zr3 and Bel LP904 vs UL
  134. What type of LTI is this?
  135. Newb to the Forum... Question
  136. Recommended Reading...Look at the "New Rules" up t
  137. What happened to the would you buy a Blinder Poll???
  138. Regarding new rules
  139. READ BEFORE POSTING: Forum Guidelines
  140. Confusing Everyone With Rules?
  141. AntiLaser open letter to Roy
  142. i am so confused about all of these new rules?
  143. Placement for Dual AL Heads
  144. laser defender
  145. where did you buy your LPP ?
  146. Latest version of the LPP
  147. Irish Laser Jammer Laws
  148. Where to put heads (Range Rover)
  149. Looking for a little head.
  150. Google Patent Search...
  151. Blinder and Cheetah set-up and each time we had Jam To Gun!
  152. It appears Radar Roy is misleading consumers on his blog!
  153. Idea about stealth jammer heads.
  154. Three quick beeps from AL while driving?
  155. how do you mount the jammers?
  156. UK gun testing lpp
  157. LE30 falsing
  158. New features on AL v17.21
  159. LPP install Volvo S60
  160. LPP install on 911
  161. Is this a Good location for M20 on Mercedes?
  162. Head placement on Infiniti QX56
  163. I would love to see how well a laser jammer works on a semi?
  164. Will a dealership install jammer heads?
  165. turning off the blinder.
  166. Rear ZR3 shifter PROBLEM
  167. Want a Blinder M20(10)?
  168. Headlights on
  169. LPP is not switching on ! HELPPP .........
  170. Does anybody know about black?
  171. Is cross section really a reducer?
  172. Test shows headlight covers..
  173. Inside LPP photo
  174. AL shipping cost
  175. Anyone seen this laser jammer before?
  176. Too bad Beltronics doesn't still make the LaserPro 905..
  177. looking for best Jammer against LTi
  178. what do you use to mount your jammer heads?
  179. laser gun vs jammer performance at night?
  180. bluetooth on LPP
  181. ZR-3 is malfunctioning...
  182. DIY laser jammer
  183. ZR3 placement?
  184. Need help on where to install LPP!
  185. Rear target
  186. ZR3 Control Unit taken apart?
  187. what ever happened to the d2
  188. Can LPP and STi protect me from ...
  189. Curious about jammers used in prohibition states
  190. laser pro 905
  191. Lidatek lrc100 jammer
  192. Jamming Codes
  193. How does this sound?
  194. 'Dark' or 'No Jam' mode on jammers
  195. LPP Start Up Help
  196. Laser Pro Park
  197. Is There Any Way to Test Your Jammer Heads???
  198. laser jammer effectiveness and time of day
  199. Laser Gun Q's
  200. Best place to mount dual on 97 accord?
  201. Benz AMG 55 w/Bel Rx75pp REVIEW my custom installation
  202. CHP Laser for Tailgaters
  203. Setup suggestion, ? RE: running ZR3 and LPP at the same time
  204. How Do Police Depts Choose What SpeedMeasurement Device2use?
  205. Help with LPP
  206. ZR3 mounting problem... GoL please help!
  207. Laser Gun Near Me
  208. LPP installation
  209. How closely can I place 2 jammer heads together w/o interfer
  210. LED & Diode?
  211. LPP alert tone and in-cabin warning LED?
  212. LPP vs AL w/ a V1?
  213. about to get a jammer. ky?
  214. ZR3 or LPP
  215. Ultralyte manual, anyone?
  216. LPP version !
  217. LPP is amazing... saved me 2 times today ...
  218. LPP Single Head on 350Z
  219. BMW 850 Laser Placements
  220. Can LPP detect ULTRALYTE LTI 20-20 ?
  221. AL or LPP
  222. AntiLaser AL G8
  223. Laser Jammers and HID headlights
  224. LPP Purchase
  225. help with postioning on an audi a3
  226. Stealth Jamming?
  227. Lidatek LE10
  228. The Elements
  229. E01,E04,E07 ... what these signals mean on laser guns ?
  230. LRC 100 problem
  231. LPP on Black Cadillac STS
  232. Someone in my city got a ticket !
  233. LPP and LEOs gunning from an overpass?
  234. LPP on Silver G35
  235. LPP also good in catching scatter
  236. Jamming codes on police laser if you are jamming???
  237. How are LPP and Antilaser Different?
  238. Idea for Mounting Rear LPP Head Unit
  239. Finally got what I was waiting for :)
  240. Is Lidatek still in business?
  241. LPP or Blinder
  242. do laser jammers reallly work
  243. Why are so many people pushing LPP
  244. Truth about Laser jammers…
  245. How laser jammers work ?
  246. What kind of laser gun is this?
  247. Split Topic - Laser Guns
  248. AL 8 Guardian--would you buy
  249. Bad News....My LPP lense Fell Off Today :(
  250. al guardian dealer