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  1. Laser Instant ONS!!
  2. Is there a general consensus on the best jammer?
  3. 2 Laser Jammers on one car? Possible?
  4. LPP of AL8?
  5. How to remove glue from plastic sensor of LPP ?
  6. Do you look for other persons' jamming heads?
  7. Where to talk about (Censored)?
  8. LPP version
  9. Minimum operating temp for jammers
  10. Opinion on the Zr 3 vs. the M-40
  11. Gave up on the LI and got a LPP
  12. LPP doesn't alert when V1 falsely does on Infinity FX SUV
  13. Simple Jammer Question Check this Out
  14. Getting paranoid if LPP is working
  15. Looking for a Good Jammer
  16. what kind of LEDs used in Jammers
  17. Got my LPP debating on where to place the heads.
  18. stealthJamal in Croatian custody!!!
  19. Question---can normal radar set off the jammer in test mode?
  20. LPP Purchase
  21. What's a GOOD jammer?
  22. Need help with an install.
  23. Which Laser Range Finder for testing?
  24. Mercedes AMG What's Your Opinion of My Jammer Install+Pics
  25. AL G8 with a custom install radar detector?
  26. Laser guns - which speed is more accurate?
  27. dear Guys of Lidar
  28. How to search which Laser Guns are used in my area?
  29. A few photos from the SpeedLab Test
  30. LP905 and Blinder M40
  31. Jammer in Ontario
  32. Does Privacy Tint inhibit jamming??
  33. Does AL G8 detect + notify in addition to jam ?
  34. Question on Sensor Position (non-vehicle specific)
  35. LPP question on a Scion xB
  36. different jammers on 1 car
  37. The 18-inch rule
  38. which laser jammer to pair up with my STI
  39. Atlanta Invitational AMG Benz JTG Every Run BIG FUN!!!
  40. Just double checking---jammers still legal in Texas?
  41. general question
  42. New radar or laser gun?
  43. additional heads for blinder m-20
  44. ZR3: how easy to install
  45. Just to receive?
  46. LPP question
  47. Passive and Active Jammers
  48. Looking for Laser Jammer for MCB C350
  49. Best Laser Jammer for use in a state where they're ILLEGAL?
  50. Have $400 to spend, what should I get for a jammer
  51. AntiLaser G8 vs Blinder M45
  52. VID: Harris County TX precinct 7 contables using ProLaser 3
  53. Cheetah Wireless with LPP/ M45
  54. Cr8Apl8
  55. Zr3 + 9500i
  56. Any Listings of what States use what Brand of Gun?
  57. Will jammers work at all if installed verticly?
  58. Any flip up covers for jammer heads?
  59. LPP Issues with LTI Ultralight in MN
  60. What the hell is the Laser Deceptor? (Pics)
  61. Difference between Shifter and Jammer
  62. Fired a TraffiPatrol laser gun in Croatia
  63. Laser Jammers and Winter Conditions
  64. Any jammers that give NO jam codes
  65. 2007 Atlanta Invitational - WriteUp and Results
  66. Laser Interceptor versus LPP? Which one to choose?
  67. What happened to Laser Tester...
  68. How to install al8 in rear?
  69. quick question
  70. Speed Lab 2007 Test Results
  71. Just got a good deal on an Escort Shifter, need advice :)
  72. Laser Deceptor III on my GTi and it works...
  73. Which one to buy.. Very confused...
  74. Would this work?
  75. 04 bonneville se
  76. Do I keep my still working LE30 system or consider an LPP?
  77. Advantages/Disadvantages of LED Based and Laser Diode Jammer
  78. Laser jammer defense on a Solara
  79. How an officer targets a car and how we test jammers
  80. NEW INSTALL PICS FOR THE Bonneville!
  81. Confused about which jammer to get
  82. Acura TL Mounting Locations
  83. Retail Blinder M45 Xtreme vs Laser Atlanta test Part 1 of 2
  84. Retail Blinder M45 vs Laser Atlanta review part 2 of 2
  85. ProLaser III vs Blinder M45 laser jammer retail.
  86. ProLaser III vs Retail Blinder M45 Xtreme part 2 of 2 video
  87. Intro
  88. Wow... new M45 tests
  89. Additional testing scenarios
  90. Blinder M-25 performance
  91. Does LPP have a quad setup?
  92. Why only a section for Blinder and not the other mfg's?
  93. Laser at night on long road trips
  94. PL 2 question
  95. IRCM new how it works series
  96. Interesting observation - Outruns M45 v. IRCMUSA M45.
  97. does anyone else
  98. LPP Installation on 350Z (Pics Included)
  100. Name of this infrared filter plastic ?
  101. Difference between speed reeding range and detection range
  102. Need Rear protection
  103. Lasermask?
  104. Lets Clean This Conference (and others) Up
  105. Lidatek is Coming out with a *NEW RE-DESINED* jammer in 2008
  106. Research and Laser Jammers
  107. sneek peak of LPP dual testing in IR
  108. Dual Head LPP in IR, Prolaser II
  109. New Escort Laser Defense System
  110. Newbie looking for some guidance / suggestions
  111. nevermind
  112. IRCM Laser test for the Veil Guy :D
  113. LPP dual IR testing
  114. New set of LIDAR in town
  115. Sensor Head Positioning for Best Coverage
  116. Having two different laser jammers?
  117. RMR in Iowa
  119. How much better is black against Lidar?
  120. were to buy LPP?
  121. LPP on Honda Accord
  122. IRCM testing Blinder M25
  123. I bought a ProLaser 3. About to test the M25.
  124. JTG Obsession
  125. "LPP is a CLONE of an old model of AL"-CHECK THIS
  126. New testing
  127. LASER DEFENDER REFUND REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  128. LPP head location(s) for my old BMW 3 series
  129. head locations for my Mustang
  130. HELP, LPP wiring install question
  131. do jammers jam radar or just laser?
  132. Just bought a Marksman LTI 20/20
  133. Excellent LPP Customer service
  134. Just bought a ProLaser 3, Any S. FL guys with jammers?
  135. SRX without radar?
  136. Suggested Jammer Feature
  137. Best laser jammer for my audi a3
  138. License Plate Angle
  139. what state dont recognize laser?
  140. Spray-on-bra on plates
  141. Blinking LED on LPP
  142. I need a 6 watt laser!!
  143. LPP programming
  144. 1 JAMMER 3 CARS?
  145. Help wiht lil wiring
  146. Newcon optik
  147. looking for jammer advice on a 69 Camaro
  148. looking for laser shifters/jammers
  149. Passport SRX laser shifter
  150. Where to buy a laser gun?
  151. Newbie looking for his 1st laser jammer......
  152. Do you remember "Laser Buster?"
  153. Lidatek laser jammer le-30 worth $$??
  154. PL3 vs PL2 brighness test
  155. PL2 VS PL3 jamming
  156. PPS a true reading
  157. Laser Interceptor (LI) MB CLS55 AMG Install Pics!!!
  158. LPP Where to mount? Your opinions please.
  159. AL vs LI: Round 1
  160. Head alinement question
  161. Can you install a laser jammer inside the tailgate light?
  162. "Coast" mode for Jammers
  163. Ideas for mounting heads either LPP or LI
  164. (Fixed) Pics LI Install on a BMW K1200GT
  165. LI installed today on my old BMW 3 series (pics)
  166. Laser Jammer and Laser from overpass
  167. Laser Atlanta Jam Detection
  168. LIDAR guns for rent?
  169. As promising as the LI is, I'll hold onto my old LE30s (m)
  170. AUDI A4 LI install - pics
  171. Laser Atlanta releases NEW LIDAR GUN! Speed Laser B! :-)
  172. Minivan/M06 Vs. MdSP PLIII
  173. sc jammer question
  174. Is this a jammer? LULZ.
  175. Question about the jammer
  176. What does this message mean?
  177. blinder or LI I can't decide!
  178. Where to mount LI jammers on audi
  179. Counterfeit m100 Laser Jammer Blinders Hit the US Market
  180. Target LT400 Garage Door cum Laser Jammer
  181. laser Atlanta Advantage Question
  182. Blinder M45 X-Treme - portable
  183. What Kind Of Lidar Gun Is this?
  184. Laser speed gun for police officers debuts at IACP show
  185. Is it worth buying a jammer where illegal?
  186. real world hud shots
  187. this is scary!!!!
  188. Asian Jammer....
  189. LTI 2020 on eBay
  190. Jamming codes
  191. Adding a M-20 to my car
  192. Questions abound in regards to my C6 Z06.
  193. which jammer should i get
  194. I think we are going about jammers the wrong way!
  195. M40 vs. 2-head LI?
  196. Why We need JTG Performance!
  197. Is North America ready for a new gun!!???
  198. News report showing new LTI at its finest
  199. Uh oh more IRCMUSA testing, you can see the dot!!!
  200. need 2nd LE30 head - anyone with an extra?
  201. Combo Blinder / AL-8
  202. Need help with Operation of a LA Prosurvey 1000 aka, PL2
  203. What has been your experince with repairs/upgrades from LA?
  204. Good luck
  205. Very Sneaky
  206. what is better
  207. Laser Defender and the LPP
  208. Jammer for a neon?
  209. 3third Sensor : Dual Control
  210. AL Rear Mounting Level? Slighly up, level or slightly down?
  211. Laserhead depth,How much does it affect coverage?
  212. LPP dealer
  213. Testng a jammer
  214. Head Alignment
  215. UL 100 pulse width
  216. Prolaser 3?
  217. New lpp coming, how good?
  218. Ultralyte Ul100LR on ebay
  219. OmniRemote and Novii Blaster for IR jam tests
  220. MASSIVE Pro Laser 2 Range!!
  221. Lidar Jammer use in Canada
  222. Installation question, position of front heads.
  223. Dynamic Laser Cruise Control laser alerts- MUST READ!!!
  224. Break these down for me
  225. Laser Atlanta/prolaser 2/NASA Atlas 1000 on Ebay
  226. Get Prolaser II manual here!
  227. Custom Rear LI Install (Added Installed pics on car)
  228. Very Nice Traffipatrol XR VS Jammer Demonstrtion Video.
  229. LIDAR Manufacturers Current Models and Retail Price Lists
  230. LI install pics + first impressions
  231. Anyone ever been stopped by LEOs for testing their LIDAR?
  232. Which Device is more accurate on speed?
  233. Jammer laws in VA?
  234. For the noobs. It's not LED vs Diode. It's Laser vs Light
  235. Need some advice on Laser Jammers
  236. Anyone up for a meet?
  237. Products
  238. Just Got My LPP w/ Cheetah Mounting Question
  239. Jam Codes
  240. I am man enough to admit I was wrong
  241. I got a question about my LPP
  242. Anyone know the punishment for getting caught in California?
  243. LPP or LI vs Ultralyte 100
  244. Newbie Question - Best system & setup for SUV?
  245. Aesthetic/stealth jammer install in Infiniti G35?
  246. Laser jammers and Quebec Highway safety Code
  247. Price compares for jammers?
  248. Do I need a laser jammer?
  249. Laser Interceptor Install w/PICS!!!!!
  250. New jammer (er...SHIFTER) from Escort?