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  1. Veil : My Recipe : One Coat
  2. I give up (alright, maybe not completely)
  3. Veil Video
  4. Took some pictures now have questions
  5. My VEiL :(
  6. Veil over clear bra
  7. The trouble with judging Veil applications from pictures:
  8. using Veil with auto headlight washing vehicles
  9. veil on a '02 Silver Jetta
  10. Does AL6.5 (LPP) need Veil?
  11. veil chrome?
  12. Need help on some questions on veil plz help me!
  13. Veil Washoff
  14. VEIL Legal in VA?
  15. Request opinion/input on what to expect with a Lexus SUV
  16. The veil look?
  17. VEIL and Laser Shield applied and installed (pic)
  18. Veil Photos, Hope it dries better than it looks after 1hr
  19. Veild today.with a few pictures
  20. just reapplied my veil!
  21. interesting technique i tried when applying
  22. Updated w/ Pics: First Experience with Veil - Bad Lid
  23. veil on a white jetta?
  24. testing my veil soon on a local laser trap
  25. Veil in Canada
  26. veil on plastic chrome?
  27. 1st experience with veil
  28. applied veil yesturday here are some pics!!
  29. Testing effectivness of Veil with a laser pointer
  30. 4th time apply Veil and Final Time!!
  31. Hard to get speed reading on a sports bike with Veil?
  32. YES!!
  33. New Veil Product?
  34. i dont see a FAQ so ill ask
  35. Finally Veiled my headlights and other reflective surfaces
  36. Preview Pics
  37. getting Veil on...and getting it off
  38. Motorcycle Helmet - Should it be Veiled?
  39. Car Wash & Veil
  40. Don't waste your Veil painting a Missouri Plate!
  41. Veil chipping suprisingly fast, kinda disappointed
  42. night driving?
  43. Veiling headlights...
  44. Anyone Have a Partial Can to Sell?
  45. The $2.47 answer to streaking!!
  46. a little help
  47. Veiled Car... Where to put RD
  48. Veil on Lexan?
  49. What is typical shooting range of lidar
  50. Veil Guy's Weblog can now be delivered to you automatically.
  51. pictures of 1 vs 2 coats
  52. veil and laser shield questions
  53. Weird VEIL install tonite.
  54. Veil impregnated film?
  55. Consensus on Veil w/projector headlights?
  56. VEIL install on my 98 Trans Am
  57. Veil on a hood bra
  58. First laser with veil and laser shield
  59. Veil + Tape Questions (With Illustrations)
  60. Vail On My VolksWagon
  61. 3 coats are better then one :)
  62. Airbrushing Veil?
  63. IL Plate How Much Is Enough?
  64. Application Inside the Light Housing
  65. Veil Idea
  66. Should I put Veil on??
  67. What does Veil look like after application?
  68. How much light is lost
  69. VEiL New Formula?
  70. Hows my frontend look to Laser?
  71. Odyssey chrome grill - To Veil or not to Veil
  72. Light output reduced to candle power - almost
  73. 2 questions on Veil
  74. What I learned during my first Veil application
  75. License Plate Covers/Veil
  76. Veiling an average plate cover
  77. ? veil doesn't like heat?
  78. Does anyone have some Veil left so I can try it on my HIDs?
  79. replica plates and veil question
  80. Am I right Veil does little for reduction vs Pro Laser III
  81. Black outs lights + veil
  82. Oy Veil reviels the daily Hwy sand blast on my headlights
  84. Veil beading up/not applying
  85. Veil
  87. Question about VEIL performance when lights on during day
  88. Accord
  90. Question about non-jammer laser countermeasures for the rear
  91. Veil Application (First Impressions) and a Question to Veil
  92. Veil on Vinyl Headlight covers.
  93. Do i need to buy a laser sheild
  94. ? about veil on acura tl
  95. Veil to dark!
  96. What VEIL really looks like on your plate
  97. veil and laser shield
  98. pre-cleaner for veil on headlights
  99. Just applied VEIL (Pics inside)
  100. Veil poll Ticket with veil?
  101. Veil on a silver Evo?
  102. Veil applied - Second time's the charm (with pics)
  103. Bad Veil application
  104. I think i knw the best way to apply!
  105. To Veil or Not to Veil...IR Camera shows the difference
  106. Veil at night
  107. Veil Application Question
  108. Veil on motorcycle windsheild.
  109. Spraying Veil
  110. Veil questions
  111. Second Coat of Veil? or just reapply
  112. Still can't justify Veil
  113. Botched Veil job... maybe
  114. Veil application 3M clear fim bra
  116. SUV with bull bar
  117. Spraying Veil
  118. VEILing mirrored backing inside headlight assembly?
  119. Alcohol pre clean
  120. Veil and chipping off while washing/driving
  121. Thinning Veil
  122. applying VEIL to plates
  123. I have a Pearl white audi..will veil work on the headlites?
  125. Does Veil wear off?
  126. New (possibly great) application idea
  127. Veil staining my paint.
  128. How effective
  129. do i have all i need?
  130. Is Veil Needed On Non Reflective Headlamps?
  131. Veil installed on a 1999 BMW 540i. Some questions
  132. veil on chrome license plate cover
  133. Amazing results...
  134. halogen lights affect laser?
  135. Veil Supplier Europe
  136. How Do You Test Your Veil Application
  137. purchase of Veil.
  138. Question about veil
  139. Questions regarding Veil application and drying time
  140. Veil and weathered plastic lenses (Dodge Caravan)
  141. Would Veil work on my new ride????
  142. Subaru Legacy vs. Laser
  143. Veil on Bi Xenon highlights? (Many other questions inside!)
  144. Anyone here have VEIL and tested it against laser w/o jammer
  145. There was mention of "Stone Guard" on light's 2 le
  146. would be "Stone Gaurd" be effective like VEIL?
  147. Who here has Veiled your reflective lic. plates?
  148. Pic's of my VEIL application today before and after veil.
  149. I put VEIL on my Audi a few days ago and it rain'd all day..
  150. Renew my coat
  151. How do you apply Veil?
  152. Veil in Minnesota ?
  153. Happy Thanksgiving!
  154. Veil and a shiny waxed car.
  155. Question about Audi A6 (2001)
  156. veil and radar
  157. Does anyone know how much Laser Shield reduces laser ?
  158. Where to buy for France
  159. Has anyone tried Veil with a glued on headlight cover?
  160. Veil application
  161. Laser PT on my Jeep
  162. Did some imprompto testing on the VEIL on my rear taillites.
  163. pictures with veil?
  164. Are we going to see a new veil formula?
  165. Tinted head/Tail lights vs. Veil
  166. How long does it last?
  167. How does this work for silver cars
  168. How to remove Veil
  169. Police, law, and veil in Canada
  170. Why is rear application not very effective?
  171. Can Photoblocker spray and Veil work both together?
  172. Light covers and window tint?
  173. Veil or Laser Shield ? Which to buy first ?
  174. Anyone ever apply Veil w/ a mini foam roller?
  175. Veil w/ black bra?
  176. Truth only Truth
  177. Where can I buy VEIL? I live in Cyprus(EUROPE)
  178. One small warning - renewal tags
  179. Thinking of removing my Veil...
  180. Photos of Mustang Veil Application
  181. Veil on front plate but not lamps?
  182. veil
  183. n00b veil application
  184. Lasersheild, veil on Suzuki Grand Vitara
  185. Check out my Noob Veil Application
  186. is it worth it?
  187. Veil has chipped off, I want my money back
  188. can't buy veil in the uk..
  189. is veil illegal in illinose
  190. $6 Diffusing Tape vs. $100 Veil Reflection/Night Shot Images
  191. veil on a laser shield?
  192. Where can i buy Veil in Europe ?
  193. Questions about reflective surfaces for laser
  194. Spots on headlights after 5 days of applying Veil
  195. Veil on its way
  196. Veil Spectral Response
  197. Important questions on Veil application (for my 2003 Camry)
  198. Is Veil worth it?
  199. How can you tell if your VEIL shipment was tampered with?
  200. Where can I buy 3M Perfect It?
  201. Did I just ruin my headlight? (see picture)
  202. My infrared Veil testing and video
  203. will veil work well on my offwhite outback car?
  204. Test on Sethys cavalier video...
  205. Headlight covers
  206. Couple Questions about Veil
  207. Audi Headlight sprayers
  208. Veil application: Black 2005 VW Jetta IV GLI
  209. front plate solution? angle plate slightly down (or up)
  210. Sample reflectivity profile
  211. Plan to use an airbrush (mini paint gun) for my veil
  212. Veil Serial number
  213. Veil vs. Kustom ProLaser III
  214. Bob, I got 3m Perfect it but now what?
  215. How stealthy does my veil app make me?
  216. Plastichrome and laser
  217. help please, boxster
  218. Laserveil.com site down. . . .. radarbusters.com = NO VEIL
  219. Where to buy veil?
  220. Veil doesn't seem worth it
  221. Veil effective against RCMP laser on the Coquihalla?
  222. Veil Videos????
  223. Easy Veil Removal
  224. Technical Question About LIDAR, Headlights, and Veil
  225. Veil & Homemade Anti Photo Plate cover Questions
  226. Need reputable site for clear GTS covers to apply Veil
  227. How should Veil look on my headlights.
  228. What is in Veil???
  229. So i've made my mind up!
  230. Laser Veil and Shield saved me!
  231. Should I Even Bother With Laser Veil?
  232. Putting laser veil on bright colored car?
  233. Veil shipped and scheduled delivery is friday!
  234. Night driving with HID's
  235. Headlight covers?
  236. My quest to get my Veil on time!
  237. My first Veil app on my car! (pictures)
  238. Veil on a '05 Avalanche?
  239. Veil on too thick, how to thin it out
  240. Surface is everything
  241. How much VEIL should I have used?
  242. Veil, plastic licence plate and V1
  243. Your real world veil application guide (uses an airbrush)
  244. Suggestions for VEIL
  245. Veil Users Should Read This Post
  246. New Veil
  247. Veil
  248. My Veil Is chipping
  249. What I like to see improved in Veil
  250. Veil Guy: Veil and Love Bugs?