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  1. Just got Veil in mail
  2. Where to get veil
  3. Opinion needed: Veil alone on a 300C
  4. Veil Aplication and painting Emblem Matt Black
  5. Veil Professionally Done
  6. G4 on paint?!
  7. Retail stores with Veil?
  8. G4 all over the floor
  9. Anybody here know...
  10. My Veil Pics
  11. Tips on air spraying VEIL?
  12. Basic Laser Shield questions
  13. How do I tell if it's G4?
  14. Planning on starting my stealth project, got a couole veil questions
  15. Veil pictures; before and after?
  16. Will not stick to foglights!
  17. Police know anything?
  18. How long from ordering VEIL 'til it ships from RadarBusters? Sheeesh!
  19. Where are the Veil install videos/DIYs ??? Can't find em, please help.
  20. International Posting to France
  21. First LIDAR save w/VEIL and VEIL's Laser Shield!!!
  22. Can I use Veil on 3M clear film on Lights?
  23. One App. Veil
  24. Veil over 3M "Clear Bra" product
  25. Veil Product Labeling
  26. You decide......
  27. Veil G4 bonds to what materials?
  28. Laser Shield and VEIL
  29. Infrared Pix and Vid of Project Sheila
  30. Would Veil on the inside of the HL work good?
  31. some new pics... a few weeks after veil.
  32. What is a bigger threat - Chrome or Front Plate?
  33. G4, Light-output: Before/After *Pictures*
  34. Ut ohhhh Botched G4 application... come see
  35. IR Photos showing effect of Laser shield and Veil
  36. Light output with VEIL applied (properly this time)
  37. Stained Headlights
  38. Veil variances?
  39. Identifying and Eliminating Hotspots in the IR with Veil G4
  40. Worlds longest VEIL post.
  41. Veil my tail lights ?
  42. Airbrushing Sucks
  43. Veil on Weathered Headlights
  44. Applying Veil G4 with Air Brush... DIY anyone?
  45. Veil G4 + Laser Shield Jeep Install (Testing Light Output)
  46. 3M Duct Tape
  47. Please clarify this for me
  48. New Veil G4 Test Videos
  49. Re-doing VEIL installation
  50. New night shot w/veil.
  51. Veil G4 over Lamin-x protective film?
  52. VEIL test on hayabusa
  53. Hmmm no one will send veil to uk!!
  54. veil under clearcoat?
  55. does veil affect radar
  56. Veil install question/idea
  57. Veil worth it or not on this truck
  58. finally pics of my g4 install...
  59. Daytime running headlights, Veil etc.
  60. Warning Laser Shield not so hot (Should I just Veil the Plate?)
  61. houston help
  62. Airbrushing Veil
  63. installing g4 in the morning. just a quick question
  64. Any meaningful Veil-ONLY tests out there?
  65. Veil to Canada
  66. Veil for 79.99 :)
  67. Houston, Texas. Split a can of Veil?
  68. veil + V1 good for laser
  69. Does Veil work on the INSIDE of the glass/plastic?
  70. In MA should I go No Plate, Veil Plate or Laser Shield Plate
  71. My G4 install
  72. VEIL G4, initial impressions
  73. I have veil!!!
  74. Can a Laser Measurer be used to find hot spots?
  75. Need help for newbie on Veil and other protection
  76. My G4 shipped today!!!
  77. Just a few more days....
  78. Has Veil shipped out to distrubitors yet?
  79. Passive laser defense on a white car
  80. Veil G4 Introduction Video (New)
  81. Is G4 in yet?
  82. Veil Effect on HI Zenon Lights
  83. Veil G4 Enters Regular Production Phase Today
  84. Veil on Taillaights
  85. Alex Roy uses VEIL for his cross country record run!
  86. New G4 & ZR4 Videos
  87. Veil Guy YouTube Channel Launched!
  88. Using an Airbrush
  89. Veil On Chrome?
  90. Veil G4 MIA?
  91. Veil application - any tips?
  92. Veil G4 is OOS (again)
  93. Veil over Chrome?
  94. Any pix of G4 direct on license plates?
  95. Here's a Thought
  96. New Veil ?'s
  97. Well I just ordered/payed for the new g4 setup.
  98. Veil G4 on older headlights
  99. VEIL discount code or coupon?
  100. veil and laser shield, why?
  101. New Veil G4 Enters Limited Production Run
  102. pm veil guy
  103. old veil for sale
  104. I have a question regarding laser/veil
  105. The Veil Guy - veil or paint this grill?
  106. Colors and Their reflections
  107. Can Veil G4 now be used on license plates?
  108. Pics of veil on shiny stuff?
  109. Clear Liscense plate cover for use with Veil?
  110. Where the check is the new VEIL?
  111. Anniversary Date of Laser
  112. wheres the veil guy
  113. Veil on Motorcycle tests?
  114. Older Veil
  115. Just how sensitive is veil to water (dew) when applying?
  116. Pre order
  117. Anyone in Ontario/Quebec using VEIL?
  118. I THINK I Got JTG vs PL3
  119. New Veil...Any Improvement in Ease of Application?
  120. Where to buy veil????
  121. Veil head light decrease
  122. Veil Guy
  123. Passive Countermeasures Plan
  124. Veil G4 Sneak Peak
  125. Are we still waiting for new Veil
  126. question for veil guy
  127. Real Experiences
  128. Veil Price (Hey Veil Guy)
  129. When will new Veil be available
  130. wtb Used veil
  131. Veil reserved for America ???
  132. Veil on the inside of the headlights??
  133. Front Mount Intercooler
  134. How much of a target am I?
  135. Windshield
  136. Car Bra + Laser Veil?
  137. not sure if this is the right location for this question...
  138. What if...
  139. new to the board... whats the best way...?
  140. WTF? I was shipped an opened can of Veil !!?!?!
  141. How far to place detector from license plate when using Veil
  142. New Veil......When?
  143. Veil vs 3M Duct tape video in the works?
  144. Christmas Message
  145. Is veil considered a laser jammer?
  146. New to Veil- Couple Questions
  147. Re-applied tonight -cold weather
  148. Veil to be available for the Holiday Season at Radarbusters
  149. Ghetto super-veil
  150. veil
  151. VEIL - Disasterous on Bug Guard
  152. Putting veil on
  153. ready to buy
  154. question concering veil used with a nose bra
  155. Has veil performance been updated or just appearance?
  156. JTG With VEIL today!!!
  157. Air Brush
  158. Hey veil guy
  159. air Brush
  160. Veil Guy: Veil and Love Bugs?
  161. What I like to see improved in Veil
  162. My Veil Is chipping
  163. Veil
  164. New Veil
  165. Veil Users Should Read This Post
  166. Suggestions for VEIL
  167. Your real world veil application guide (uses an airbrush)
  168. Veil, plastic licence plate and V1
  169. How much VEIL should I have used?
  170. Surface is everything
  171. Veil on too thick, how to thin it out
  172. Veil on a '05 Avalanche?
  173. My first Veil app on my car! (pictures)
  174. My quest to get my Veil on time!
  175. Headlight covers?
  176. Night driving with HID's
  177. Veil shipped and scheduled delivery is friday!
  178. Putting laser veil on bright colored car?
  179. Should I Even Bother With Laser Veil?
  180. Laser Veil and Shield saved me!
  181. So i've made my mind up!
  182. What is in Veil???
  183. How should Veil look on my headlights.
  184. Need reputable site for clear GTS covers to apply Veil
  185. Veil & Homemade Anti Photo Plate cover Questions
  186. Technical Question About LIDAR, Headlights, and Veil
  187. Easy Veil Removal
  188. Veil Videos????
  189. Veil effective against RCMP laser on the Coquihalla?
  190. Veil doesn't seem worth it
  191. Where to buy veil?
  192. Laserveil.com site down. . . .. radarbusters.com = NO VEIL
  193. help please, boxster
  194. Plastichrome and laser
  195. How stealthy does my veil app make me?
  196. Bob, I got 3m Perfect it but now what?
  197. Veil vs. Kustom ProLaser III
  198. Veil Serial number
  199. Plan to use an airbrush (mini paint gun) for my veil
  200. Sample reflectivity profile
  201. front plate solution? angle plate slightly down (or up)
  202. Veil application: Black 2005 VW Jetta IV GLI
  203. Audi Headlight sprayers
  204. Couple Questions about Veil
  205. Headlight covers
  206. Test on Sethys cavalier video...
  207. will veil work well on my offwhite outback car?
  208. My infrared Veil testing and video
  209. Did I just ruin my headlight? (see picture)
  210. Where can I buy 3M Perfect It?
  211. How can you tell if your VEIL shipment was tampered with?
  212. Is Veil worth it?
  213. Important questions on Veil application (for my 2003 Camry)
  214. Veil Spectral Response
  215. Veil on its way
  216. Spots on headlights after 5 days of applying Veil
  217. Questions about reflective surfaces for laser
  218. Where can i buy Veil in Europe ?
  219. veil on a laser shield?
  220. $6 Diffusing Tape vs. $100 Veil Reflection/Night Shot Images
  221. is veil illegal in illinose
  222. can't buy veil in the uk..
  223. Veil has chipped off, I want my money back
  224. is it worth it?
  225. Check out my Noob Veil Application
  226. Lasersheild, veil on Suzuki Grand Vitara
  227. n00b veil application
  228. veil
  229. Veil on front plate but not lamps?
  230. Photos of Mustang Veil Application
  231. Thinking of removing my Veil...
  232. One small warning - renewal tags
  233. Where can I buy VEIL? I live in Cyprus(EUROPE)
  234. Truth only Truth
  235. Veil w/ black bra?
  236. Anyone ever apply Veil w/ a mini foam roller?
  237. Veil or Laser Shield ? Which to buy first ?
  238. Light covers and window tint?
  239. Can Photoblocker spray and Veil work both together?
  240. Why is rear application not very effective?
  241. Police, law, and veil in Canada
  242. How to remove Veil
  243. How does this work for silver cars
  244. How long does it last?
  245. Tinted head/Tail lights vs. Veil
  246. Are we going to see a new veil formula?
  247. pictures with veil?
  248. Did some imprompto testing on the VEIL on my rear taillites.
  249. Laser PT on my Jeep
  250. Veil application