View Full Version : My first Laser encounter with Dual LE 30 (Lidatek)

08-25-2005, 06:47 PM
I was travelling to Florida from Montreal (about 2500 kms) and going south on Interstate 95....armed with the dual le30, veil and a bell 966st.

In New Jersey turnpike lots of cops but mostly on the other side :( with laser....I never saw soo many cops checking for speed on the NJTP (newJerset turnpike)...so many cars pulled over so I didn;t have a chance to test my new system...near Washinton (Delaware) I was going about 80 mph in a 70 zone, I see this cop about 1000 feet or so, but I still kept my speed, then at about 800 feet or soo, the lidatek screetches as I slow down to 70, the le30 was beeping all the way till I passed the cop (he was on the left side of a U-turn. Yup the dual LE30 did its job. My 966st bell never went off. I don't know what type of laser it was as I didn't get a good view.

I didn't encounter any other cops on the road, and mostly were on the oppsites sides..I got a few Ka (instant-on) I think, but I'm not sure because it was at night, and I never saw any cop on the side of the road..but I slowed down just in case...North and south Carolina there was no cops, and florida had some on the 95, but again away from where I was heading.

On the way home, again I see many cops on the side of the road that have pulled someone already, mostly on the dreaded NJTP

08-25-2005, 07:06 PM
Its nice to hear peoples success stories with other laser jammers. I want to run into a laser gun just to test my punchthrough on my blinder m20.

08-28-2005, 07:53 AM
DE uses Pro Laser III. so I would say for a fact you jammed him to the gun.

glad to hear it worked out :)