View Full Version : could laser jammers be made like this!!

03-25-2005, 07:53 AM
because i live in the uk lasers are everywhere!

And because of how jammers work they completely jam the gun and some bring up error codes and jamming indicators!

this results in police inspecting your car! and if they find a jammer taking you to court of perverting the course of justice!

what ive thought is instead of the laser jammer actualy jamming the gun
it would be good if it could make the gun false read!

so it would give off a flase mph or you could set the speed yourself by a control panal!

so if your on a 70mph road it would make the laser gun read 65 mph or 63!!

it would also be good if each 2nd laser reading slightly differed in speed!

this way the police would be none the wiser standing on a motorway bridge!! clocking you at a half a mile away!!

could this be possible!!

to make a laser gun give a false mph reading!!

03-25-2005, 08:11 AM
It would be nice but I don't know how possible it would be. The reason is that LIDAR works by time of flight, that is it calculates speed and distance based on the time it takes pulses of light to travel from the gun to your car and back to the gun. So in order for this device to work you would have to do 2 things. 1) Overpower the real return signal so much that the gun doesn't get confused by two separate signals. (The easy part.) 2) You would have to figure out how to time those pulses so precisely that the light from the jammer reaches the receiver on the gun at exactly the right instant to make it think you're going XX mph. I mean, I guess you might be able to do it if you could get the jammer to send its pulse so many nanoseconds after it sees a pulse from the laser gun. Still hard to tune, though, and probably expensive. It's easier with radar jammers which are looking for a frequency instead of a discreet event.