View Full Version : Help with 9500ix sunscription update issues.

12-12-2011, 11:11 PM
I did the online 1 year subscription update thing. So it takes a few days for them to respond or send out the number to update the unit. Not immediate as it should be once "Detector Tools" tells you it's old. You wait until they get around to emailing it out and/or snail mail and during their normal workweek. May as well say wait 72 hours if you do it Friday or more if a holiday. Stoopid!

So I finally get the email and the code. Doesn't work. Says the email and my unit that I bought direct from them don't match in big red letters. Cannot get into "My Orders" as it won't accept the email address either nor will it send me anything either as the email they send me stuff isn't on their computer right. They sent me the damn code number via email, yet it is invalid when I try and activate it. :mad:

Anyone run into this renewing the subscription mess? I got two units to do, but I thought I had better do just one since this is going to be messy. Guess I was right.

Hey Escort! Fix it so when Detector Tools tells you it's expired, then do it 'immediately' online and unlock it then once the credit card has been okay'd. None of this "Wait a week for a number and snail mail which may be slowing down even more in 2012 with possible cuts" and then it still doesn't work after all that. The email used to renew it, and you sending the number to that email address should be enough. May as well make it a 54 week year for the two weeks it takes to get it all straightened out too - or more. :mad:

And to think I have to do another unit too.

Cripes! What a sad, slow, error prone process they have in place.


12-14-2011, 03:38 PM
I'm sorry to hear about the subscription issue that you are having. The email with the subscription code is usually sent out immediately once you order it. I haven't heard of us emailing invalid codes before. Please call us at the number in my signature below to straighten this out.

12-14-2011, 05:17 PM
I did.

It is up and running after 5 days for an update subscription. Ridiculously slow process you have in place.

I submitted the second update order so in another 5 days maybe it too will show. Just got the first in the mail today (5 days).

Honestly, the procedure should be far faster than sitting around waiting for a update code to show up sometime 72+ hours later for a return code, and another 2 days for a snail mail? It is the 21st century and even software online purchases issue unlock codes faster and most all are done immediately to activate. Waiting for your office to open, and then get around to the purchase a day or two later to send out a code is ridiculous.

Should be: "Detector Tools says you need to update. Purchase now?"
You do, and it should unlock "RIGHT THEN" once the credit card is validated - not sit and wait 5 days for someone to show up in an office to get around to it. People have places to go and tickets to avoid, ya know!

Detector Tools knows the unit's serial number, and the instant purchase should validate some silly code and the software update should then work without a bunch of other website searching issues, codes, data being entered, logging into an activation account with all the codes and serials....

...and then, later that day...

You then get to wait even more for that all to go through before Detector Tools will even run the new activated update? Seriously?!?

The subscription update process now in place is a total time-consuming (i.e. 'VERY SLOW') mess and needs to be fixed.

No offense, but "Geeze. Get with the 21st century program and not the 'Pony Express' back-and-forth mailings and software nonsense ad-naseum for an update."