View Full Version : Ohio highway patrol. mobile k band...1 bogey, then 2nd brief bogey, then back to 1

01-11-2012, 06:43 PM
Its been this way for years. Even with my old v1.7 v1.

Just last night, I had a k-band alert on i-77s in southern ohio on my v3.873. Fairly straight, maybe a small curve, but nothing much.

Sure enough, there was an ohio highway patrol unit (crown vic) in the oncoming lane (northbound).

.3 miles elapsed from my first v1 k-band alert (tsr mode 'oFF') until we passed each other's position.

When I got real close to him (maybe 200 yards away), I got a '2' on the bogey counter that quickly went back down to '1' and stayed at 1 until the signal faded.

The signal rapidly ramped-down and faded right after we passed each other. Within 200 yards of us passing each other, the V1 was silent.

Is there anything significant about that '2' on the bogey counter? Was he turning on his rear antennae? Or is there some other phenomena - like q/t?

Im not sure if he was operating instant on or continous on. Id say continous on , but the range was so bad (esp. how he faded out fast we passed each other) that I wouldnt be surprised if I was operating instant on at somewhat quick intervals.

usually, I will get .5 miles range (so 1.0 miles between us) when I first detect them on the highway in continous on mode. This time I only got .3 miles.

Also, I want to point out that this k-band that OSP uses is so much more difficult to detect vs. X-band (easy to detect) or even some Ka gives me better range.

Its been this way for years, their k-band is 'weak' and a tough one to get a lot of alert on.

01-12-2012, 11:50 PM
Multiple bogeys when your near the source could be reflected signal. With TSR and a semi tractor trailer near I can pick up a 2nd bogey. Listen to the audioto determine if it's the same source or another.

North Alabama
01-14-2012, 01:02 AM
The Leo could have his cans turned side ways some so he can target motorist better. Plus when he is moving, his speed reading will be lower thus giving him a truer faster reading of your speed, to offset the angle disvantange causing a lower reading. The 1-2-1 is mostly both forward and rearward radar on at the same time. When you get up close, the V1 changes from 1 will stay at 2 unit passing the Leo and the arrows change to rearward, then going back to a 1 display. I see that with Stalker DRS-2 units. Sometimes the V1 will read 2 for a single radar. The other day, an unmarked Trooper was setting off the the side with forward radar going but the V1 changed to a 2 display when I got into range of a K band speed sign and then the V1 went to a 3 display, it happens sometimes. Your Leo's radar sounds like a new very low powered dual unit.