View Full Version : Blinder Laser Jammers top of the line

08-12-2012, 10:47 AM
I cant say enough for anyone wanting protection from laser attacks from police and the use of a blinder jammer. I have always owned bel/escort lp-904, lp-905, zr3, laser shifters which at the time had done very well against the guns I came across- mainly prolaser.
However, since technology has improved the lidar police guns the zr4, has basically remained innefective against rising new lidar police guns. This is why I chose blinder series jammers as they are upgradeable to provide protection against new and more advanced lidar guns. So simple to simply unplug the cpu, goto your computer and download the appropiate settings to update blinder jammers and just like that...protected. :) I love beltronics radar detectors using them for over 20 years and own the new pro300 which is amazing in itself...