View Full Version : Can you run Li 8.9 and blinder m27 up front

12-28-2012, 06:52 AM
6214I was just told ebay stopped selling all laser jammers so my newish m27 I just unplugged last week for my new Li's i would have left them in and ran them to the rear or keep them up front with the Li's now that ebay has taken them off. In any event, I will wait for my new car as my current car I dont need rear jammers and 4 up front I dont need so I will have my shiny new m27's ready to goto rear and keep li's up front is what it is looking like. Unreal the day I get my Li's installed, ebay removes my listing...ugh In any case Ill be set up good on my new car. lol now im saving to get a laptop so I can run electronics in my car, etc. Do firm updates without borrowing someone elses laptop.
But has anyone ran both units up front. will this cause an error or should it be ok running Li and m27 jammers up front.(im basically stuck with these m27 and they work great except 2 guns out there) so for times when one system is down for any reson, the other could be up and running...Just something for me to think about.
Anyone know besides ebay a good place to sell a 6 month set of m27 on a ebay type site. Thanx 2 are the Li's(I turned each head to be perfect straight and will be getting the new setup tested soon. Hoping in Feb. when I go to other coast of florida to see family.Laser Intercepter just happens to be in the same town my family on dads side lives still today since 1992. Small world. I had the m27 same position and they tested out perfect jtg on every run back over summer 2012. I put the Li's in same place and are level like m27's and I think will test fine...I can see both the laser diodes firing when I set them off so I know each sensor is detecting and firing.
All I can say is both blinder and Li have both been excellent customer service. It all cam down to me liking the size of the Li for mounting reasons and that was it. I never knew about cliff till now, thank God he is a excellent rep taking care of his customers as did blinder with my m27's. Both forum members seem nice too. I am very lucky to have gotten to use each brand and I cant say which I prefer until the Li saves me the first time like the m27's did. You have a nice day.

12-31-2012, 01:50 PM
Some will say dont run both units up front because they may cross talk and screw things up. Others will say they have used multiple units at the same time without issue.
I will say that with the LI mounted up front, you don't need anything else.

01-18-2013, 08:08 PM
I'd put the M27's in the rear, just to have them. If you're dead set on selling, you could try Craigslist

01-19-2013, 06:37 AM
yes, i was very lucky and the m27 sold as soon as i clicked "sell" on ebay! i mean they were gone right away and had several offers. only 1 lucky winner. i was gonna keep for rear but timing was good evidently, and they sold so fast. i think due to my unit being only 6 months old, all leds working, and in new condition being garage kept...the guy i sold it to got a good deal. anyways, thanx.

01-25-2013, 11:07 PM
Glad it worked out!