View Full Version : Help! Blinderguy still hold part of my purchase of Blinder HP-905 Quad

07-04-2013, 10:27 PM
My purchase from Blinderxtreme.net was a nightmare. I paid for the item on January 9th but Blinderguy was hesitant to ship the item. After persistently following up with him, all I had been receiving was excuses and promises. Finally on May 18th I received a package from Blinderxtreme. But, to my surprise it was a DUAL package, what I have paid for was QUAD. About double the price.

Until today, I am still waiting for the two additional single heads as promised by Blinderguy. His last replied email to me said “It has shipped as of today. I will give you tracking in morning.”. That was on June 10th, since then he ceased communication with me, and I am in no way to communicate with him. There is still no reply even though I used the chat box at Blinderxtreme.net website.

Is he trying to cheat on my purchase? I have no choice but to believe he is, after all of this waiting. It is very hard as Blinderguy who has some reputation to keep up to. And Blinderxtreme.net has business to maintain for being biggest seller of the product line would do irresponsible business transaction like this driven by greed, not honesty.

I have send an email to Blinder US early April but without any reply, they seem not to care on this kind of issues, I do not know. Or, maybe they have send follow up email to Blinderguy that make him to send me the the Dual package, again it is not what I have paid for.

To Blinderguy, if you have cases like this, it is about order # 445.