View Full Version : DIY 904nm laser/lidar detector

01-11-2014, 02:48 PM

I have a good knowledge in electronics, I would like to share with you a DIY laser/lidar detector.

This detector will be done on the Arduino platform (http://arduino.cc) , and draws on the work of BlackLight99, which creates a laser jammer (http://www.instructables.com/id/Test-your-radar-detector-or-laser-jammer-with-this/), but in reverse

Use a jammer is very risky in my country . I will only focus on the detection not jamming.

First question, and most important, what photodiode to use?

The photodiode must be fast (the lidar pulses of 100pps than more than 230pps).
it must be filtered to pass only Wavelength of 900nm (lidar is 904nm)
it must be sensitive to detect the laser from long distance

Anyone knows references photodiodes used in the detector one Valentine? or in Laser Interceptor?

Once the diode selected, I will update the post with the circuit

Thank you