View Full Version : very excited to see new laser jammer by bel/scort dual real diodes at 599-

02-26-2014, 08:38 AM
I love my current jammer and love blinder the jammer before that but when it all began I was hooked up with the lp-904/905 by bel.
now they have a dual 599- update available online as with all current top line units.
im sure they will be more competitive. I look and see a current laser interceptor jammer. they each have the same size, same look, bubble on outside. and bel has always been good detectin the prolaser 2,3,4 uns, laser Atlanta, lti 20/20...a lot of the older guns..(mine used to have issues with the stalker lz1) point is, im sure in the past 7 years, since last real update in technology is the laserpro by belscort. disappointed only comes with 2 sensors and upon 1st read, didn't say whether compatible with redline radar detector, etc and this was a big selling point when I bought the lp-905 years ago. right there displayed on my radar alerts...also only 2 sensors...I hope 2 more can be added. because its very commom to get hit in rear unlike years ago. and even today 80% is front shots and rest is rear shots, but it only takes once. also didn't say id voice activated toward alerts,etc, but excited knowing this will prolly spur li for a new coming unit as well as we been excited for weeks saying an update will be coming.
cant waitto see the results in testing. belscort usin real laser diodes as well. all very exciting me being a bel/escort guy. I hope they work well and see what they can do.

02-26-2014, 07:22 PM