View Full Version : Saved from Lti marksman 20/20 with my quad Laser Interceptor 8.9, latest update 8.14

03-04-2014, 12:50 PM
Driving today from Tampa across to vero beach to visit my mom, in Bartow florida at 930am today was going 10 over the limit and all a sudden right around a small turn approaching hwy 60 in a construction zone where the speed fluctuated from 55 down to 45 down again where I got tagged at 35 mph....so I was still going 45mph and bam....laser interceptor alerts to lti 20/20 marksman on my front....my redline was silent(usually does catch the laser alerts but this was under 500 feet and didn't see it)
So I immediately let off gas and right when hit the 35mph shut down the LI jammers which was less than 2-3 seconds. I was very fast to shut down and he painted my car right at the beginning of the 2nd alert is when I immediately killed the switch. All happened so fast. I just ordered a dash cam video for future attacks so those who think it takes too long to kill my jammer will see how fast I really do kill them so not to draw attention to myself. In this case it took maybe 2 seconds. It was very fast.
so right at the beginning of the second alert I was shutting my Li down and I saw the police not even looking at me twice because he was able to immediately obtain my speed obviously once I shut them down very fast. So, thank you Cliff and laser interceptor helping me again keep my safe driver record intact. still zero tickets since 2000.
I am just waiting for the next generation of Li to come out to replace my 1 year old Li.
I was thinking about getting the new escort jammer but it has no dala jamming in testing(I read online) and had some other flaws like no voice alert telling me what gun was just used like this morning, Li correctly identified the gun and I shut it down right away....once again no ticket.
also, this is one of the guns cliff and I tested against with my new car and I was JTG everytime front and rear against the lti marksman 20/20. So once I was alerted to the gun, I felt better about my chances since it performed so well against the marksman last summer...:cool:
I am just waiting to email cliff once either a new update comes out or a new jammer from Li comes out as they have been outperforming any other jammer ive had in the past.
Thanx Cliff and Li.... Best customer service and helps to test anytime he has time to do it he is willing and this is why I will keep going to cliff in the future.