View Full Version : Blinder Patent validity

05-27-2015, 01:48 AM
Hi Found that in other forum: Hello everyone I would like to help all laser jammers manufacturer and notify everyone that to the best of my understanding: Blinder patent Does not have legal validity (according to patents laws )I am sure they collects from number of manufacturers franchise fee. and I think they should stop paying him, and those who fear that the owner of the company (that the patent registered is under his name-Mr. Torben Bo Andersen) will sue them, should not be afraid: In early 2000, blinder came with their second model (the first model was the M-06 ) the M-10 -and as far as I understood that jammer uses the technology based on their patent. They filed for a patent only in 2002 This means that' that only 2 years after the product (M10) based on that patent was already in the market,they have applied for the patent! as I know You can get a patent only if the innovation is not described in any public place or in an existing product (even if that product been manufacture by you). Most patent examiners are unaware of most of the products on the market and based their examination by searching similar patents on the web. and that's probably the reason why Blinder owner got his patent. The good news is if some 1 will be sue by him and will show that to court The patent will be disqualified. I know a guy in Israel who still have those M10 in working condition and can prove that!!! In case some 1 would like to contact him.