View Full Version : Be aware of your state law on Jammers.

09-17-2017, 10:46 PM
Got a telephone call from a friend of mine around Madison County Tennessee who knows I am into radar detectors. He asked me if I had a Laser Jammer on any of my cars, and I told him I did not, since they are not only expensive, but against the law in this state. He stated a neighbors son was pulled over by the state troopers a few days ago, and was found to have a laser jammer installed in his car. He got arrested, and the car is impounded. Frankly I never gave a thought as to what the penalty might be if one got caught. I figured a ticket for sure, and maybe a citation to appear in court. Never figured it was this severe. So, be sure of your state laws and what could happen if you are caught with one. Outside of this, I have no idea if the issue has been resolved, or still pending.

09-19-2017, 08:35 PM
A little more information on my post concerning the seizure of a car with a laser jammer. I learned that the individual involved had been clocked doing 90mph on I40 and the patrol gave chase. Then the fool got off an exit ramp onto a county two lane road, thinking he could lose them. That explains most likely the impoundment and arrest. But among the charges are having an illegal laser, and thats probably the least of his worries.