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    Default Bel 895 version 1.0????

    Ok, I bought my rd about 2 mnths (new from the store) ago and I checked the version yesterday and it said "1.0" What is up with that???? I mean, I can't believe it this was the first version of the 895. If that is the case, then my autoscan really sucks cause it doesn't filter K band. I know the newer 895 ones don't, but the older model did.

    Everyone has version or, and I am still at 1.0...gees

    I was happy with it until I found that out

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    I would not worry to much if you are happy with your rd before fineding out this then who cares maybe boomerman can share some light lets see what he has or thinks about :wink:

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    I agree with carlito. The version # really means nothing, because this is essentially a brand new product! Since it's a "specialty brand" that is sold ONLY at Radio Shack, they probably just number the software version differently than they do for the other models. The "version 1.0" of 895 may be the exact same thing as something like version 4.5 for the V995 and/or RX65!

    I don't know if they would be able to answer this or not, but you may try calling Bel's customer service to see what they might tell ya.....



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