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Thread: RX65 vs STi

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    Default RX65 vs STi

    Wow, lots of discussion around the STi here lately! I have the A3M8, which I have only used for about a week or so now, but have done a fair bit of driving in that week. In comparison to the RX65, which I used prior for a little over a year:

    - STi seems to have resolved low strength alerts on RX65. Some alerts that used to be strength 4 on RX65 are now 7-8 on STi.

    - STi has improved filtering. I thought the RX65 was pretty darn good, but the STi is even better. To the best of my knowledge, it has yet to miss a real threat (although I have to take this one on a little faith).

    - STi has improved detection, especially Ka. Went by a multanova van today, and I received about double the warning distance that the RX65 gave me at about twice the strength (see first point).

    - STi automute is better than the RX65, gets much quieter much faster.

    - The auto brightness feature is great (although I wish the buttons wouldn't necessarily light up when it's dark around - it does make stealth harder. Nothing electrical tape won't fix I suppose when in RD restricted places, although I'm sure a code upgrade would also fix that, but with Bel's customer service/fee what are the chances of me actually getting it..).

    - My laser tester seems to indicate equally crappy laser detection as the RX65, but I've yet to put it up against a real trap. GoL tests would seem to confirm still poor laser detection (time to reverse engineer the V1 guys...! :wink: ).

    All in all, I am impressed, but they certainly left room for improvement in their next model.

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    Default Re: RX65 vs STi

    Quote Originally Posted by Regis
    - STi seems to have resolved low strength alerts on RX65. Some alerts that used to be strength 4 on RX65 are now 7-8 on STi.
    That antenna they changed out must have really worked.



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