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    I was just driving around in the local area and I had my radar on highway mode. I was sitting at the light and I wasnt paying attention and when the car infront of me moved up about 10 ft or so I stayed back a little and all the sudden I got a laser signal come up and I was looking around and didnt see anything. Well I actually got stuck at the same light so when it became green again, I let the car infront of me go up about 15 feet and when he got far enough, the laser came up again and I just drove up a ways looking around for anything and didn't catch any cops near by or anyone standing on the side lasering. Im not really sure if theres any laser falses. The light I was at was actually right under a highway ramp, so there could of been a cop up the enter ramp, but I said no to that because that would of been a side pickup and there were too many walls. So could someone tell me if theres any laser falsing or any other explanations. Thanks Mike.

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    Yes there is laser falsing. It can be the tailights of some vehicles which the V1 is prone to or it can be more radio interference ie cell phones, airport and toll booth equipment can set it off.

    In my personal case if I honk my horn it falses laser.

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    lol, I actually put the detector into my other car and when I started the car up, the laser went off for about 3 seconds. Thanks Mike.

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    What kind of car was in front of you? The neon 3rd brakelight on older GMC Envoys and Chevy Trailblazers make my V1 do the same thing.
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    well, the laser only went off until the car let off the brake to go so i dunno if its the brake light, but it was a Honda CRV the small SUV thing. Thanks Mike.



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