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    Default rx65 K band range

    along a twisty road, with alot of woods, is 3 bars from about .2 miles acceptable for a rx65? This is what happened, there was a turn near my house, and i got 3 bars of K i was like WTF and they imediatly went away, i know cops in my town use instant On off. SO i know why they just went away. I turned around and i went 1 mph under the limit down the road i knew it came from, and went past the cop, so is .2 miles with 3 bars pretty good if there were think woods it was going though, and also, why havnt i ever had just 1 bar of K or KA or X, its always 2... any ideas? is there a setting for this, i want to see, even with 1 bar, becuase it could be the difference between getting nailed or being safe.

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    Well first off: About not gettin 1 bar, it normally skips to two, that will often happen, dont worry about that 1 or 2 is very weak and often times around corners or near steep elevation gradients you will get warnings that start out above 1, now if it always started off at 4 or 5 and scaled up, there are some problems.

    2nd: .2 miles is not very good detection for any detector in most cases, however, with that said if your roads are really that twisty and that thick with forest around, it is certainly possible .2 miles of detection is all you (will) get.

    The RX65 is really not known for its K band or laser, both the X50 and the V1 excel in those areas rather then the RX65 which is a Ka animal.

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    Where did you get your RX 65 from Booy?

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    I got it from a car audio store, it was on backorder in feb, so i got it in march. It was a high end car audio store, not a tweeter or bestbuy.. an independent store and they do good work, carry nice names and good brands so ya



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