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    Default Setting off detector.......

    I have seen some videos of people setting off there detector with weird remote type things without using a real cop system or a radar gun. Does anyone know of any objects that can set off the detector that most people would have in their house? Thanks Mike.

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    Anyone know how to set it off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikes12985
    Anyone know how to set it off?
    Transmitting at close range with a FRS radio will set my STi off on xband... it would also set my v1 off... but i don't remember which band.


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    Remote controls can set off some detectors on laser.

    If you're referring to my recent video, that was a laser tester I got from JTW. Roy also sells laser testers.
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    i use a target RLT500 sometimes. it does laser, k and ka.



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