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    Alright let's get this review started! First, the good news: there is none! Now for the absoulutely degrading bad news: There is plenty. This thing falses 100% of the time and is dead quiet when real threats occur. To set the image I was running both this model and the Beltronics Pro Rx65 at the same time and each independantly (I for independant and B for both, C for Cobra and B for Bel) I placed the Cobra up under the rear view mirror and the Bel slightly above the wiper blades I'd guess a good inch. Before I even pulled out of my driveway in front of my house I was alert by the C to a level 1 KA Alert. At first I thought what luck a cop right when I start. Boy was I disappointed there was no cop after careful scanning and qaiting for the cop to come cruising on by. The B was silent. I thought it (C) probably was detecting the B and sure enough I am certain it was. To be sure I turned the B off and then waited 60 sec.

    As soon as I turned off the B the C went to the normal standby screen. Right when I turned the B back on the C alerted me to a level 5 KA Alert and then gradually decreased back to 1 and standby then KA1 again and so on. At this point I knew that I would have to run them I in order to fully understand the range and filtering. So I drive to a city where there is a "Your Speed" is sign using K band and drive by with both off and set back approxiametely 4 miles back and note when I had passed 4 miles past the last "YS" is sign. Let me set you up with the gepgraphical conditions first. There are a total of 5 signs round trip, 2 going into the city and 3 coming out. The first sign is the hardest one because not only does it have a hill but on top of that it also has a curve while going up and with light to moderate traffic in either direction.

    So I go to my 4 mile mark and decide to test the C first. Here are the settings: X band off, K on, KU off, POP off, VG-2 off, Spectre off, Safety on.The result I drove 3.9 miles before it even gave a level 1 warning and it wasn't until I was right smack dab under the sign that it blasted to level 5. I was hugely disappointed by thsi result. Now for the B. I am happy to report that I only drove 2.5 miles away from the sign before I was alerted to a level 3 then at 2.0 miles a level 5, and at 1.3 miles away a level 9 all the way in. After I passed the sign it kept at level 9 but I suspect it is because of sign #2's location. Now sign #2 is located exactly 1.0 miles away from sign 1 and has a straight way as soon as you round the curve. It slightly dips like a U to give you an idea. So the B kept at level 9 all the way until i was 0.5 miles away and then started dropping to 7 then 4 then due location #1 on the opposite side of the road and around a curve, no hill it remained at 4 and went to a max of 7 but keep in mind that this sign is on the opposite side of the road and will be the first sign when I turn around at the 4.0 mile mark.

    I just want everyone to be absoulutely clear, if still confused please post or e-mail me and I will try to clear matters up as best I can.

    When I just barely past the sign and could see it in my rearview the B went to 9 and remained there unti I was 1.2 miles away before it began dropping! (Totally impressed with rear detection. But back to the C it repeated the action with the first detector even on the straightway and a mile away (Totallly bummed out now) back to the B I make my U-turn conviently at a stoplight hence the 4.0 miles in either direction! Now coming upon sign #1 the road is curved but no hill (level) with plenty of trees hiding it until you are on top of the sign.

    And now the results at exactly 2.4 miles away I was alerted with a level 1 then not until 0.7 miles it goes to 5 then at 0.4 it goes to 9 and stays until I am 0.2 miles away around the curve then it srops to a level 2 and begins to pick up sign #2 which is 0.6 miles away going to level 8 then at 0.4 level 9. So far I am greatly impressed with the advanced warning of the Bel and really angry at the no warning of the C Now it just so happens that from sign 2 to sign 3 (5 total) it is 1.0 miles away again and remember this is the hill and curve combo. Amazingly I don't know how to explain this but it went to level 7 at the mile mark and 9 at the 0.8 (away from)mark. And not until I was 2.0 miles did it drop from level 9. Oh my speed during all of this was 45 the posted speed limit.

    Overall the C fails and the people that make it should be (in my opinion) dragged out and s*ot. And the B should be praised from here till the next best Bel comes. For the C on a scale of 1-10 I give it a -10 and for the Bel I give it a +200 My reaction to the C was this: and the Bel was: A few things to consider I was only able to test K band reception with both units from the Bel I was able to confirm that no X or KA was being used during the test(when ran) I can't say much for laser due to I didn't experience any or at least I think I didn't. My location for the testing site was Lake Elsinore,CA.

    There are many different things that I will test both units on including KA band range, emergency vehicle alerting and range, laser (if possible), and POP (If possible) but as far as K band range goes the B el is the winner by far as the Cobra is a nice windshield ornamnet as far as I am concerned. Also, note that the glare was a major problem on the C and clear as ever on the Bel even in direct sunlight. I did not like the auto dim on the C and it makes it not readable in direct sunlight from behind you. An interesting point to note is that when i had the volts displayed on both models it was different on both the C reported a reading of 13.1 volts while the Bel reported 14.5 volts I am trusting the Bel over the cobra. I am also running a poll on the trust level on all top 3 detectors for one month so please vote and post any reactions to my review or experiences that you've had with either the BEL or the C. All thoughts, opinions, and remarks and votes are appreciated Thanks in adavance

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    V1 in Arizona.

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    Ugh! Double post, well at least this one is readable... go look at your other thread for my response, better suited in the radar general section if you want to get all users feed back.

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    Bel 895, and yes, I trust it very much.


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    Do Not Double Post!



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