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    Default Protocol of RD - Built an own Display


    i wonder if its possible to get the Software protocols used by BEL's radar antennas. I would like to build my own Display. Because i use a european model "Bel Target EVO 966R". I already started working on it. But its hard work to find out whats coming from the antenna if you dont have a radaremitter at least. :shock:


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    Default Re: welcome

    Welcome to the board speedjunkie. What your doing w/ your Bel sounds cool. Show us some pics sometime. Mk

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    Thx 4 welcome

    I will show you pictures if i get it done...
    You Guys can be happy to live in USA. Bel is designing great Models for you over there... But they dont do any further development on the old European Model. It works great but lots of features like e.g. automute are missing.
    Thought somebody could help me out here ... but obviously not

    I will let you know if i made it or failed... it will take some time.




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