I purchased a vector 940 rd about 5 yrs back it was a great little detector don't get me wrong but about 5 months into having it the audio stoped working completely and that includes the digital voice??? This was my first beltronics rd and has really made me warry of there products i have recently purchesed a escort 8500 x50 and am awhiting arrival on that rd but i am warry due to what happened to me with the vector 940 since escort and bel are owned by the same corparation now days and especially since i didn't do anything wrong with my bel no water steping on non of the sort and she just quit so i lent it to my freind scott and he decided to take the velcro i had off of it and peeled off my damn fcc id and serial num so now they probably won't even fix it and it looks like he banged it up quiet considerably but it is in the same condition it was in before i lent it to him excluding all the marring marks on the front of the radar lens cover. And now im well out of my warrenty which i was in when it originally broke and wish i could have it fixed as the only thing wrong with it was the audio problems confused???