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    Default Brand new Bel V995 came yesterday!!!

    Well, I had to replace the 970 w/ a brand new V995. That is an interesting rd. I did not know it had ku band on it. Interesting. I also like the program mode on it. Quite simple. I received a credit from Bel since I had so many problems w/ my 970 after they started working on it. I also have a trade in that goes towards the V995. I put it next to the V1 and the POP mode went off. I have POP and Ku band on for know and will keep everyone updated as to how I like the V995. I haven't noticed too much POP falsing yet but I will give it time. I like how Bel still has the nice leather case that came w/ my rd. Mk

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    Default Grad's, I just picked mine up a fews days ago and like it.

    it has already saved my from school cops that run K band a few times.

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    Congrats got mine 2 weeks ago and it came with the Smart Plug and latest software love it works great..



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