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    Default I think this is a stupid question but have to ask...

    I bought my audi quattro and it came with a whistler 2270 remote radar and laser detector...which it has the worst performance I have ever me 300 ft is about as far it can detect radar. I just leave it off since it sucks..So my question is that it has a front mounted radar detecting box mounted behind my grill and a rear laser 3 eyed thing on the inside of my windshield. Does the Bel laserPro hook up via the reg. power inlet or the headphone jack on the V995 which I have now and enjoy. I was wondering if I could use the front radar box from the whistler or front/rear laser lens in conjuction with the V995? Just trying to think outside of the box so please dont come down hard...slap me around alittle to wake me though. lol

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    Default sorry dont waste your time answering my quest.

    none on the whistler connections dont even fit the bel connection anyways. I thought it was a good way to get extra coverage but I know its not possible with that combo.



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