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    Default Traffic Control Equipment on I-95

    Here are some things I have noticed while driving along I-95 from Florida to New York City:

    In a FL clover leaf on I-95 I saw an equipment trailer parked in the middle with the title "Traffic Control Equipment Corp" or something of that nature. All I could think they were talking about is anything from stoplights all the way to different monitoring devices laying in the pavement and video monitoring.

    HOWEVER, there are several places along FL, SC, NC especially, MD, NJ that will set off my radar detector. I wish I was able to take a picture of the offending radar devices. I don't over blow it on the speed anyway, but there are bunches of intersections on I-95 that I pass and I know the RD is going to go off period.

    One such device I have been hit with is near Roanoke Rapids, NC and it mounted on the outer column of the bridge. It looks kinda like a WIFI antenna and is pointing right at the traffic. It doesn't work like a construction radar device that gives a constant signal, this thing will be silent for a while and then ping you. I wonder if it works along side some devices in the pavement that will time your speed due to pressure and then it turns on the radar gun which makes your RD go off and you subsequently slow down.

    Anybody else notice this type of equipment? Is there a purpose for it other than fooling you? Is it taking an average speed and reporting it to the DOT for study purposes? Anybody know?

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    What's up SIX?

    Those annoying things are called drones. They are used for traffic monitoring.

    This link should help some:



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