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    Default STI modes of use: On or Off for features

    What is the advantage/disadvantage of using "Auto Scan" mode. I have been running around the last week with "HWY" and "City" where applicable and I don't see a real difference? If a RD is just a simplified "scanner" wouldn't it make better since to use HWY when on the HWY and not use the autoscan since the autoscan would be going through more frequencies, thus taking more time to get back around to the first freq?

    Now, why would Bel make the POP default "off?" Don't you want to know everything you can about what is out there? I have only seen my POP go off one time, I think I was somewhere around D.C or Baltimore, or that general area. It blasted for three seconds or so and I have never seen it come on again.


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    Hi Six. How's the road? The autoscan mode bascally is between the highway and city modes. It is supposed to automatically scan and filter for you. I used it a lot when I had my x50. Highway mode is for the open road (hopefully where there are no falses) city mode is for a falsing area and I would say autoscan mode would be for if you were in an area that you were not sure about or an area that could be in the middle of the highway and city modes. Also, Bel has the POP default off because of the falsing. I have had my V995 for a week now and only one POP false. I will let you know how many more I get. I used the V1 yesterday. Mk



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