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    Default how good is the Bel 840i???

    is it worth the $20 that I saw on the net? the person lives in my area.

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    It's pretty old... I'd rather go for a new unit instead. But if all ya got is a twenty it isn't bad.

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    Default i have a V995 but saw the 840i on Craigslist for sale

    thought it might ok to give to my nephew.

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    Default Re: how good is the Bel 840i???

    Quote Originally Posted by Audi Quattro
    is it worth the $20 that I saw on the net? the person lives in my area.
    No! Those earlier Ka Superwide BEL models sucked. False all the time and poor range on Ka band. While the falsing may cause him to drive slower, eventually he will ignore the false alerts because they are so frequent.

    You are much better off with a newer BEL. Go with one of the 900 series for better results.




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