I have the Bel Pro RX65 and I just want to say that while driving home today from the store I sometimes travel on a road that has nothing to interfere with radar. No buildings, obstacles, or anything for a good 1.0 miles or so. However, there is a Circle K gas station at the end of the road that has an automatic door using K band. Now normally my Bel alerts around 0.2 or 0.3 miles away from the station, but today it gave me a complete 0.9 mile warning of the K band door and remaining on all the way to it and about 0.4 away from it. And while most of you might wonder why I am so happy about a false K band alert, it just goes to show me that if it alerts me to false so far away just think how far a real K or KA threat alert will be given the same open road way and conditions (I know pretty hard but still) I love my Bel and I know and have known that when it comes down to it (real threats) I will surely be very well prtoected and in good hands. Just wanted to share my experience to those considering purchasing a top (3/4) detector that while it picks up falses far, real threats are probably going to be even further! Plus I am not one for speeding I just like having a nice shiny toy in my winshield to look at :wink: .Only further experiences will tell for real threats.