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    Default good range on K-band on my V995

    1). on my way home from work I noticed a very quick K-band alert and was very alert since I travel this way to and from work and knew it could be a very viable threat and keep at the posted limit. The K band kept growing stronger and then I looked in the rear mirror at full alert I noticed a light bar coming guess he was maybe atleast a mile behind me. I had enough warning of this Federal Way cop running constant on K-band.

    2). Almost home in lakewood I again got a very quick K-band alert (I suspect a instant on burst at a distance). As I'm driving at the posted speed limit once again I pick up K-band constant for a driving distance til the Lakewood PD went by, I kept track of the distance and it was 1.5miles when I recieved the 2nd blast of K-band so, atleast 2miles when I recieved the very quick burst of K-band that alerted me of LEO in the area.

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    Yes, the V995 is a very solid perfomer. Glad to see you are happpy with it!



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    yes very happy with I just need to hardwire it.



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