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    Default Hardwiring STi - Questions

    I was fortunate enough to pick up a STi recently and now I want to hardwire it as I'm in an area where RDís are illegal.

    Due to the fact that I live in an area that have banned RD's I want to ensure that all wiring etc. is concealed or exposed wiring can be explained.

    When hardwiring these things do you keep the supplied hardwire kit intact or do you cut off the mute button bit that has Beltronics written on it? The reason I ask this is. If a LEO pulls me over and has a look around it would be hard to use the excuse that it is for a GPS and/or phone if it has this advertising info printed on.

    Can this be done successfully without ruining the supplied wiring kit? If so can any one explain how?

    Would be nice if Bel left their name off the accessories!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards - Boris.

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    I just used some phone cable with a treat

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalker
    I just used some phone cable with a treat
    You could just hide the mute button out of sight, either behind the dash, or strip the advertising peice or integrate it into your dash. There are lots of possabilities. I personally would install the mute button out of sight, but easy to reach, like under the steering collum or in the ash tray or somthing like that. You may be able to chip the "beltronics" name off, as its probably cheap paint, same hardwire kit as a rx65 dw kit right?

    hope I helped some.



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