so far it has been great

I did have a nice test the other day, I was out on a side road and a cop passed me. He turned aroud and head the same direction that I was going.
I know that this county cop has a KA Decator radar gun. He was about 3/4 -2 miles behind (he kept getting farther from me) me and starts to trun his gun on and off at every car that passed me. The STI pick up the signal and got 6-9 for strenth. Even over hills I was picking up a signal and I couldn't even see him. Since I was heading the same direction as him I thought that was pretty good.

I have had other experences with it picking sinnals when the cop a head is facing the other direction (as an example I'm facing north and the cop east) and it picks up the signal about 3/4 of a mile. Its kinda nice having the dector go off and you cann't find he cop for 2-3min

I just got a laser 20/20
I will let everyone know how it does/I hope to have some videos made when I do this also...