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    Default New User with questions about X and K band

    I've just bought a vector 995.
    the sellman in circuit city told me that this radar is really good. I wuold like to hear some other opinions.
    The alerts of X and K band when I drive through the city drives me crazy (and I never saw a police officer) and it only has been a week since I bought this thing. Could some one tell me if there is a way to recognize when these alerts are real and when are fake?
    The only time that the radar told me of a threat was a Laser one and I must said it work just fine, i have the time to slow down and get out with a ticket.
    One more question, since I started into this thing of radar and stuff like that, do you consider a good idea to invest in a laser jammer (is under the law here in florida?), or what about the VEIL protection.

    Thank you for your help

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    My best suggestion is to go through and read all the posts in the different sections of the forum. some have stickies with good informations, and try the search button. Youve come to the right place, but all of your questions are answered in the forum.

    The false alerts are normal, you need to learn where it falses so when it goes off in a non-false area, you know a cop is coming (most of the time)

    The dectector you have is a good detector, he wasnt lying.

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    X&K bands in the city: Something with a radardetector you have to deal with from the auto-doors of gas stations and such. Try city LoX or even City NoX if X isnt used in your area. (I believe the V995 has both of these, but I have never owned one, so I am not sure).

    As far as your Laser alert... the odds are the LEO had your speed before your were able to slow down... I say this because with no countermeasures to Laser (LS, Veil, A jammer), in most everycase a LIDAR unit has your speed in well under a second. With that said, maybe you lucked out in a slick (dark color and low profile car), and an unsteady LIDAR arm with the officer... and you may have been able to squeeze a few seconds out to slow down... or maybe just maybe you got scatter (rather unlikely but possible).

    As for Veil... if you want to stand any chance against LIDAR, a LS and Veil are the two must-have countermeasures, but they may only offer a second or two (if that), but if you want serious protection from LIDAR, Veil LS and a jammer is the way to go.

    I am not familiar with the Florida laws, specifically, but since laser is controlled by the FDA (I believe), they have not yet deemed laser jammers illegal, wheras (active) radar jammers are illegal via FCC word in the states.

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    Turn off X band it is not used by cops here. Laser jammer are also Legal so you can go and buy one. M-20 Blinder is very good.

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    i would deff turn off X but leave k on.....i was about to turn k off myself because i wasen't ever getting hit with it..then one day i did in coventry he was in a parking lot :shock:



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