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    Default RX65 Gatso Detection Range

    I am based in Europe where we have a large amount of these robot police (gatso cameras) which take either a front or majority of the case a photo of the rear number plate. I have found that having my RX65 selected in 'highway' mode provides better range detection compared to city or autoscan. The radar is mounted in the centre of the screen. Has anybody else found better dectection ability on the 'highway' mode?

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    Yes, I run my RX65 in Highway, and get good distance pick ups on teh Gatso Camera, they use the same in Victoria Australia.Remember though traffic conditions can vary the distance the detector picks them up. Both my V1 & RX65 are on par to one another, sometimes teh 65 is better sometimes the V1 is.
    Best detection on both, front going towards camera is 400metres, from behind 150-180 metres.My detectors are mounted up near the rear view my cars I don't use both detectors at the same time, I normally see a camera and do a couple of passes with either one and see what distance I get.



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