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    Default External Speaker ?

    I was wondering about the external speaker for the Bel Pro RX65. My question is that it says on Roy's site that it needs its own direct 12 volt power source. Does that mean that I just need to have a second cigarette outlet (which I do) or do you have to hardwire it with the car. My bel is being repaired right now and I have decided to make it my main and only RD because of the exceptional KA range. Ka is the only real threat in my area. I live in a loud town as small as it is and the voice alerts ( the actual words themselves) are on the low side so would this speaker make them louder (I am assuming so). Thanks in advance for all the help.


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    There is nothing stopping you from putting it off the cig lighter, but the speaker does not come with a cigarette plug, it's designed to be hardwired. But you can take a cig plug and wire it to that if you want.



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