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    Default Beltronics 955 Road Report

    I just got back from a multi-state, 3000+ mile trip and wanted to share my experiences with my Beltronics 955. This trip covered pretty much the entire south-eastern part of the country.

    As a disclaimer, let me state that I am not a speed demon--I passed that stage of my life over 10 years ago. I rarely exceed posted limits by more than 5 mph. Therefore, my needs from a radar detector may be greatly different than yours.

    I was very impressed with the range of this detector. I consistently received .5 mile+ detection for KA band and 1 mile+ detection for K band. Most of the states were using KA band, but Florida did have some K band State Trooper units. I was really impressed with the KA band detection "over the hill" and "around the bend", usually being around .5 to .6 miles. Falsing was very minimal. Rarely did I get an X band alert when passing metropolitan areas. My "world record" with this unit was detecting a K Band "Your Speed Is..." unit on I-95 in Florida at 2.5 miles. Tennessee seemed to be the state with the most Troopers running radar.

    In the way of technical information, I ran the 955 in "Autoscan" mode constantly on the trip. I had the unit mounted middle/low on the windshield, about 2 inches above the windshield wipers. I was driving a Ford Explorer.

    Thanks for the great website! I have been reading for a while and really enjoy the posts about everyone's radar/RD experiences. I have been a radar detector enthusiast since the late 80's, my first RD being a "Fuzzbuster Superhet XK".

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    sounds good i just got one about two weeks ago and so far it works great saved me a fe times already

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    I got one today it seems awesome. first "encounter" i was a red light and got a signal then about 30 secs later i saw the cop pull to the red light and the k band was on full signal.

    then a little later on was antoher k band but it was a really short distance before it picked it up so i was worried there, and wouldnt of been saved if i had of been going over the speed limit...

    so ill have to test it more tomorrow!



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