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    Default Escort 8500 X50 test results for LTI 20/20 lasergun

    So my friend and I had this brilliant idea of wanting to fair the Escort Passport 8500 X50 against my old school Bel 985. We were specifically interested in finding out whether the X50 would better detect the stalker Ka Multinova radar unit. We drove all around our city and couldn't find a cop in sight and just as we were leaving the area we were cursing and complaining how there wasn't a single speed trap around when all of the sudden my friend gets hit with laser!.

    The end result: He got a ticket and we didn't get our test results we were looking for. We didn't find the cops the cops found us!

    We had a good laugh but we did feel pretty stupid. Strange thing is that the curve goes from 80 to 50km/h but strangely my friend kept going 80+ km/h.

    Anyone else here have the same disasterous fate as we did? The irony....

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    The speed limit was 80 on the road but 50 on the curve only? Aren't those supposed to be advisory speed limits only (yellow sign) or is there an actual downside of Alberta living? :shock:

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    Default speed trap

    Well here's the thing.... There was a sign that said 50Km/h ahead and when my friend crossed the actual speed limit sign was when he got tagged.

    It unfortunate but looking back at the whole situation we brought it on ourselves to screw up.

    Oh well..... breaking the law is breaking the law.



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