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    Default newbie...question about e795

    Hi there...first of all English is not my 1st language, so sorry for my broken english. Anyway...I just got my second e795, since I was not impressed at all with my first one, I exchanged it to current one. However, I can not tell any differeces so far. I usually get a few hundreds feet warning when I encounter LEO w/ Ka band. Is it because of I have lots of curvy roads and hills here in Monterey, CA? or this thing simply doesn't hunt? and which one is your best recommandation under $150?

    p.s : haven't tested it on flat and straight road yet.

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    the 795 from tests I have seen just isnt very good with kA range, best bet would be the whistler pro 73 I believe

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    Default weird...

    I read this article before I purchased my e795. I was like 'This is it' Chaep and decent unit and according to that article It works better than whistler models. Is this article so wrong? or did I get defective units twice in a row?...confused..

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    Thank you SmaartAasSaabr and strmchaxsr. Like you said I might expect too much. I'll test this thing a few more days and I'll decide what to do. Thanks again guys.

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    Take it back and try the old Bel 985 or Escort 8500 (nonX50) for around $125. For testing info goto

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    I bought the EX795 because of that review too. So far it seems to work OK. A little better range of alert than the Whistler on Ka, but still pretty low. I think any of the below $150 units are probably the same on Ka, they all seem to be in the 300- 600 feet range. I think you have to spend more money to get good Ka alert range.

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    Default Re: newbie...question about e795

    Quote Originally Posted by kaneda7882
    Hi there...first of all English is not my 1st language,
    I would never have known

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    i recently bought a 795, but now considering replace it with the older models: 985 or 925. i'm also considering the 940. anyone know the range differences?

    i noticed on the box beltronics claim a 8x (vs. imports) for the 795, and for the 940 beltronics website claim 6x. what do they mean exactly, and how do they compare to the 985's or 925's?




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