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    Default Keep my Bel v985 or sell it

    I want some advice if i should sell my 985 or keep it i had a 995 but my 985 seemed to have better filtering. I seem to have no issue of picking up leo's but just wondering if i should upgrade.

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    If you actually use it and it gives you enough warning to be comfortable I say keep it. I haven't ever heard anything bad about the 985 and I might have gotten one if it hadn't been discontinued when I bought my 995. If it's just a backup detector like you say in your sig and you never use it you have to think about how much it's worth to you.

    Well if you sell it you might get what, fifty to a hundred bucks on eBay or something, probably closer to $50. Is it worth fifty bucks to you to have a backup detector? And keep in mind you're only going to get less for it as time passes, and eventually it won't be worth selling.

    If/when I upgrade to a V1 from my 995, I definitely plan to sell the Bel since I won't have any more use for it (and I'm a college kid with no real income so I'm pretty tight with cash).

    And keep in mind, if you sell it for fifty bucks, that's like TEN Big Mac's.

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    Keep the 985 as a backup, it will serve you well! If POP is not used in your area, the 985 is good enough protection.




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