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    Default Bel 970 and ?lo cal

    Hey Everyone,

    Have been reading these forums for quite a while but have never posted :wink:

    Anyway, my Bel 970 is now giving a ?lo cal message when i enable x or ka bands (works fine when K band is enabled on its own). My understanding of this is that the Local Oscillator is out of calibration hence the error. Factory resetting this unit does not recify the problem. Also, Im here in Australia so having a FW upgrade is probably not possible. Is there a way I can flash the firmware myself or self calibrate the LO? I have some (rather basic) electronic skills.

    Any suggestions, advice, or simply words of "you got no hope bud" are much appreciated

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    Default same

    I had the same thing happen to my Bel 970. I had to send it in 6 times and finally I replaced it w/ the 995. You might need the Bel STi over there.

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    hey proudNMAmember,

    Im in WA, RD's are perfectly legal here so the stealth features are not really needed. Did you manage to get your 970 working in the end?

    Otherwise, any suggestions? Im willing for the 970 to act as a test dummy

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    Did some testing today for anybody that is interested. The unit seems to boot up fine when I have left it overnight (maybe a heat issue?), anyway did some testing in tech mode with a few passes past a multanova. The unit appears to be still functioning fine on KA, gave me plenty of warning (for a Multanova 6F) on 34.2xx (cant remember the exact reading). What I forgot to mention initially is that this unit functions fine when only K band is enabled, and the ?lo cal error only appears when Ka or X band is enabled. The unit was previously used in the UK, so the X bands and Ka bands have been disabled (I assume) since it was initially purchased.




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