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    Default RX65 behavior questions

    I have noticed that my Bel RX65 is sensitive to how fast I am going when it alerts. For example, if I cruise by a certain K-band door opener in town going slow then I get a weak alert. When I go much fast past the same location then the detector alerts stronger. My guess is that the increased speed simulates instant-on radar better so I get a stronger alert. I have on occassion also cause the unit to stutter when passing k-band door openers. The unit will say "K Ka band" even when the audio tones are only for K band. Has anyone else noticed such behavior or is there a chance my unit is defective.

    On a side note, I was driving over 20mph over the speed limit while approaching a tractor trailer on a dark country when I get a metallic high pitch audio tone that I had never heard before. I immediately slowed down thinking my detector was just sounding funny for a strange reason. My logic was that maybe a cop was using moving instant-on radar right behind the truck. Then I hear my unit say "Ku band" a short while later, I pass and confirm that no LEO is around. The truck must have had an active satellite link or something to cause this to happen from so far away, but it scared me pretty good.

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    I had the luck of being able to follow a state trooper recently and noticed that my RX65 was constantly switching between Ka band and POP alerts. The officer was using constant on Ka band the whole time.

    Also I passed the same tractor trailer that gives me the Ku band warnings and now I am pretty sure that the driver is using a radar detector. The detector's emissions must fall in this frequency range. The unit also does not say Ku band but does display the warning and use a different tone.



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