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    Default Can someone fix by Bel Vector 940 for me?

    I am having the speaker problem. Everything works great except for the volume on this thing! I just bought me a new V995, but I really don't want to just toss the old Vector 940. It worked great for so long, and it still does, - the volume. If someone can fix this for me it would be great to be able to hand down to the girlfriend!

    BTW, here is a thread about the exact same problem as mine.

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    id send it back to bel if its less than a year old, but those a- holes will prolly make u pay shipping.

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    Actually it is well over a year old. I allready sent it back once because it freaked out on me. Now that it's out of warrenty they want $85 minimum to fix it, maybe more. :cry:

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    If you have any soldering skills you can replace the speaker yourself. Call Beltronics and tell them you have a 940 and need a couple of new speakers. They will send you some in an envelope and you can take the two screws out of the bottom and pry it open just enough to get to the connection. The case does NOT come fully apart. Unsolder the old one and solder in the new one. Bel usually will not charge you for the speakers. I know a guy that ordered 4 so they ended up charging him like a couple of dollars.

    If you are unsure, I will be happy to do it for you for a couple of dollars. The 940s tend to have this issue.

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    If it's like the Express 925, the trick to getting the case completely apart is removing the plastic over the antenna opening first.

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    With the V940 its glued or heat welded in place. If your careful, you might be able to attempt a seperation but its completely not needed to replace the speaker. It will open a good 1" without taking it fully apart. I attempted to coax them apart before but even with significant force, it would not seperate. I have disassembled lots of things before from cell phones to laptops to do repairs so I am usually quite savvy when it comes to finding out how cases are put together and consequently how to take them apart. If anyone knows a clean way of seperating the case from the PCB, I would love to hear it.



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