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    Hey guys, I am really confused for wihch detector should i get. I will be using this detector overseas. Should i go with V990 or with V995? Are they same? or i just go with RX65? I need somthing will work in the US , europe ,and the rest of the world. Thankx

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    Welcome to the board adel4m. As far as the V990, not sure about that one. I didn't see it listed on Beltronics web site. For European travel, the V995 has the Ku band. You did say "and the rest of the world". Might want to consider the STi. Go to the Radar Detector General section and read other peoples posts on their experiences with various Bel RD's and others. You might even want to go with an Escort or Valantine 1. But definitely purchase from an authorized dealer (such as Radar Roy) or from the company direct.

    Do extensive research to find the RD that will best suit you! This forum is an excellent start!
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    V995 and RX65 have the same guts so they are really similar in performance and the V995 is less expensive. The features of the V99 are very easy to use so you can turn off bands whenever you want. So you can try the V995 and save some money towards something else.

    I wouldn't recommend you the STi because you have to installe it in the car so if you are going to be traveling and changing cars it would be a pain in the A$$ and you can damage it.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks guys for your inputs, I have narrowed my search to either V990 Or V995. Anybody knows the differences? As far traveling, which one will be more effective overseas? Anybody have used V990?

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    If I'm not mistaken, the V990 was discontinued by Beltronics, and superceded by the BEL Target Euro 550. If you face a lot of photo radar threats overseas, this is what you'll need, since you can run selectable "Ka narrow" for better protection against weak photo radar, it also has the 9 GHz X-band freqs used in some countries. The V995 does not have these options, and is mostly intended for use in North America.

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    Thanks for your input, I do not think i could find the BEL Target Euro 550 any where in the us. so i think i will just get the V990.



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